Get Thrifty

My #ootd is officially one of my favorites. It is a pretty awesome feeling being comfortable in quality clothes that didn't cost more than $6.88. There is simply nothing like it. Especially for someone who loves clothes and simultaneously not going broke. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I recycled the shoes I wore yesterday. I am notorious for outfit piece repeating. Meaning, I don't have 20 cardigans, yet. I also don't have 6 pairs of different black strap-y sandals with a small heel, yet. Does one person need all of these things at once? Maybe not. 

The skirt I wore today is The Limited and was $3.88 from a thrift store. Even better than $3.88, it was gifted to me by a fellow thrifter. SO NICE! I do the same thing quite often. My friends and I who thrift occasionally pick out things that we didn't try on first (it is 3 dollars) or that did not fit the same when we got home, so we swap our thrift finds. I don't necessarily have the perfect hips for the skirt. I'm no Kim K. I'm very much just a regular ol' K.B. I have what I like to call, skinny hip dip. Instead of having this seamless curve I ... have a dip. It is, whatever. I still like me. Have body positivity every day ladies and gents. Every day. 

The shirt I have is something I was really wanting. I have seen and admired from afar many red plaid shirts. Finding one initiated this faint, "hallelujah," in my head. I was waiting in the longest thrift store line in history and it was just hanging there, completely out of place in the women's tops. I say out of place because I am almost 100% certain that it is a male shirt, but that literally has never mattered to me in my life. It was only $3.00 per usual and is Ralph Lauren. It is missing one button on the very end, but lucky for me I can sew a button on a shirt. I wouldn't say that is the correct way, but it is the way that re-attaches a button so I guess it is fine for now? 

I am really glad that it is a male shirt instead of female. The masculinity of the style is something I wanted in my red plaid shirt. It brings out the side of me that feels most natural, as well as, prepared for adventure. I am no natural girly-girly per say. Adding a hint of masculinity always feels like a necessity when creating my outfits. It makes me the most comfortable and confident. Style is well on it's way to eliminating obscured gender specifics. I don't mind at all. 

P.S. T.G.I.F.