Statement Piece

Most days I don’t get the urge to stand out. Personally, I don’t like to wear neon colored clothing or loud sequinsed numbers – there’s something about sequins and "bling" that doesn't scream average, day to day wardrobe to me. It’s hard to feel like you're casual when you're reflecting the sun. Plus, it’s much harder to pull off repeating a comfortable outfit when it’s super flashy and memorable. So, I wouldn’t wear this dress as a casual piece or on a regular basis. For me, the dress above is noticeable without anything sparkly attached to it and I received a lot of compliments when I wore it. I can be fairly particular about patterns. You won’t see me in chevron, but you will see me in patterned wings or feathers. Fancy. This pattern is a really beautiful design. I really, really love this dress.

Side note: This is one of the pieces that I found when I stumbled upon the 60% off sale that I mentioned in a previous post. 

The dress is French Connection. With 60% off this dress was marked down to T.J. Maxx prices. Which I really, really appreciate. I keep it simple when styling this outfit. This dress has all the pizzazz it needs. I did think about wearing a thin black choker with a dark purple stone on it, but the choker never came to fruition and it boiled down to my favorite watch, nine west shoes, and voila.

I wish I had more one-of-a-kind dresses like this. The material is durable and comfy. Plus, the dress has pockets. I love it when a dress has pockets and I am super pleased with the purchase. A full day of running around downtown in the summer heat was no issue. However, I cannot say the same for going to the mill where I took the pictures – it was steamy in there!

Have a good weekend!