I put a shirt on it



I have this dress that I bought a few months ago. It's a summer shape with darker colors. I keep trying to make it work and have failed miserably. It has this v right at the cleavage which makes it fairly inappropriate in every situation I find myself in outside of a day on the beach. So I tried pulling it down in the back to hide some of the cleavage and it sort of comes off as dearest granny's night gown. NAH. Then I pull it down and its cleavage galore. Well, today it was my best option for a quick pairing with a dark brown cardigan and a pair of black short boots. I also have this new hat from Forever 21 that I realized would look nice with all of these pieces. So I had to do something.

The clock is counting down, I don't have time to try on everything in my closet, even though that would be the best day ever. So, I remember this shirt that was given to me recently and I wonder if I throw it on top of this dress if it will look like I am wearing a shirt and skirt. The shirt is a shorter style. I typically buy my shirts a little long. So I throw it on top of the dress and voila. I have a new outfit. I can't lie though, it wasn't completely perfect because it was wide and flow-y. So I found a rope belt that is supposed to be tied around a different dress to cinch the waist and IT WORKS. In fact, I asked for an opinion and received a shocked look when I mentioned, "hey I just put this shirt on this dress is it okay?" "What?" "This is a shirt on a dress what do you think?" "It looks great!"


Oh and did I mention I had my hair cut? 

It's a little shorter.