You'll never guess

So, I wanted to blog about my outfit of the day, my #ootd. There are a couple of reasons for this. Number one being, I like clothes. Number two being, there is a sneaky surprise. 

Alright to start, I love this outfit. Maybe my shirt is brilliant to you, maybe its bland, but whats really important is that I love it either way... If you love it, own it. I found this shirt probably a year ago. I even selfie-d in it, in a totally different way, and posted it on Instagram. I was really pleased with my find. The shirt has a really funky floral design going for it. One that I have yet to see again in any sort of floral design variation. 


That being said let me start from the bottom and make my way up.

1. The shoes are new. They are Nine West and I found them at T.J. Maxx. I typically buy most of my shoes there unless I want new sneakers and then I like them delivered in 24  hours directly from the nearest Zappos warehouse, or however that works? I think they were probably $30. They have a one inch heal. Sometimes when the heel is higher than that I trip a lot.

2. The skirt is old. Its from Express and I bought it a few years ago. I have not stopped wearing it. It hasn't reached its final days and it is incredibly comfortable. I can pair it with almost anything. I don't know if people are tired of seeing me wear it, but I'm not tired of wearing it.

3. It is that cardigan again! The green cardigan that is featured in my first post. Its from Forever 21. It was between $7 and $12? I can't remember exactly because I had a few things in my hands that day, okaY? I'm all about getting my money's worth. I love cardigans and green is my favorite color. It always has been. I don't care that sometimes the green colors I chose to wear remind you of poop and I don't care that they remind you of boogers. It reminds me of nature and it may or may not also bring out the green in my eyes, it's whatever. Do you want to hear a really neat story though? One time my boyfriend went to buy me flowers and didn't know what to get. So, the florist asked, "Well, what is her favorite color?" My boyfriend replied, "Green." Then the florist replied, "ALL PLANTS ARE GREEN."



4. The shirt. The shirt is a thrift store find. It was a whopping $3.00 max. It was so awkwardly shaped and not tightly fitted, but I had to have it. I could not let the floral pattern pass me by. The coloring and plants in the design make no sense to me. It is sort of like a weird rug or weird curtains. Maybe sheets? Its a thick shirt (quality) and its almost crop top length, but slightly too long. It would have definitely been worn with something high waisted. While I was discussing the shirt with a friend today I decided I should probably peep the tag and look up the brand. When I read the tag the brand seemed familiar, but I wasn't sure why. So I channeled my inner google (thats how close I am with my phone), and found out the brand was "White Stag." This brand was sold at none other than... Walmart. WALMART. I mean whatever, but what? It was just so weird and had so much spunk in my eyes. Once though, it was just a regular shirt at Walmart. See what I mean by sneaky surprise? 

I thrifted a Walmart shirt, and I love it.