Pretty Functional

Working for an office really gets the creative juices flowing when I look in to my closet. Is there anything office appropriate? Is it really necessary to be a totally different person style wise for an office job? Will they send you home if you wear comfortable shoes over typical office shoes? The struggle is real. It’s also a really big pain in my… tookus. I’m not the most important person in the office. I’m not the face of it. However, that doesn't mean I shouldn't dress accordingly. But it also means I don’t necessarily feel the pressure to appeal to the people who hire us. As much as you want to do your best in everything that you set out to do, sometimes you have to realize it’s okay to not to be good at something, but you still have to try. I am not good at wearing heels (yet) or dressing like a lawyer (unnecessary), but I still try to rise to the occasion and bring my style to the level that it needs to be. Tattoos and "questionable" personal style are still working their way into the realm of business professionals. I am perfectly content with this little number. 

So when putting together this simple little outfit, I had a few anxieties pulling at me. Do I wear flats because I’m on my feet most of the day? Not all the time. Heels? Definitely not! What shoes am I left with outside of loafers? Experiment number one: choose what you really want to wear. So what do I love that I can comfortably walk around downtown in? BOOTS! Short, black, and suede madden girl boots. What a comfortable choice they were! Talk about being happy in your own shoes.

The skirt is a repeat from a previous post. I think I may have mentioned this in that post, but this is my go-to skirt. It can be paired with nearly any shoe or shirt. It is basically my comfy day dress, but with the option of pairing it with nicer pieces which makes it my comfy-day dress with a hint of I'm still trying. You can bet your bottom dollar that 1. I love it and 2. It is more my Wednesday Addams look than my Glenda the Good Witch look.

Don’t be fooled! The shirt is a gold/tan and white tweed patterned shirt. It’s a Jones New York shirt that is one hundred percent not cotton. It probably isn't your number one choice of fabric for rolling up your sleeves, but I did it anyways and it actually worked out fine. Did I ever mention that it feels surprisingly good to pair together an outfit that is pretty and functional, but mostly functional? Because it feels great!


When in doubt do what you want,


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