Falling for it

I can't say that I have a favorite season, but I do have a favorite temperature and it’s typically around 70 degrees. Is that too specific? It's not Summer hot and it’s not Winter cold. There are days when the wind will blow just enough to make the day perfectly cool. I get to go hiking and in comfortable weather with a stunning view or maybe eat s'mores by a campfire at night. I get to wear deep shades of almost any color and not be out of place. To top it all off, I get to layer without sweating! Thank you summer for sun kissed skin and beach days to die for, but I am so ready to not pour sweat when adding a scarf, a hat, or shoes that aren't sandals. Unfortunately for ME, I sweat very easily. It’s a curse. All my favorite shirts can tell you about it, but they probably wouldn't have to because pit stains are hard to miss. *Shrugs* It is what it is. I took advantage of a few previously mentioned fall advantages for this outfit: I paired dark colors, I added a scarf, and I am wearing booties (not sandals).

The entire outfit was created around the skirt. I found it while thrifting at Clothes Mentor. Also known as heaven.  Have you ever been to a clothing store and you just knew that SOMETHING was going to go home with you because every piece you spotted immediately stole your heart? Sort of the same way that your pet does when they realize you're holding a cookie or opening a crinkly bag? That is what happened when I walked into Clothes Mentor. There was a perfect selection of deep purples, oranges, reds, and browns. I found a lot of very nice and very gently* used clothing for a decent price. I will be blogging about all of them when the time comes, but to start, I love this skirt. It is a gorgeous shade of burnt orange and it's pleated! I was oh so impressed that I contemplated, vintage? Nope, it was FOREVER 21. It is a really nice piece. I was really excited to wear this skirt and I embraced the fact that I could have been seen as overly eager for Halloween and paired it with a dressy black t-shirt and black booties. The booties are really comfortable and breaking me into wearing heels. The thick heel makes them easy peasy to walk in. The black suede and double tassel zipper are everything else. I love them so much and could wear them pretty often. 

On to my other spot of color: my green purse. It’s great quality and the perfect size. I found it at a Marshall's many moons ago and it’s still kicking. It has a funky zipper lining on the opening flap and a gold metal septum. When I saw it I was sure that the quality of it put it far from my price range, but it was only $19.99. Twenty bucks is a freaking steal for a purse like that in my opinion. I was drawn to it the same way I was drawn to the color of the skirt. So naturally I put them together. 

The scarf was just to add a little something to my plain black shirt. I could see this skirt going really well with a mesh black or even a nice lace black shirt. I think with the addition of that the outfit could stand alone without the scarf. Unless the weather deemed otherwise. For me, however, this one shall do fine until such a piece waltzes in my closet. I prefer when my clothes waltz themselves to the closest. Saves a lot of time. 

I kept it bold and seemingly eager. I didn't even get called a pumpkin once!

Much love,