Positive Pieces

Truly, there are two reasons this post has come to fruition. One being that I tapped into my own advice from my "Casual Friday" post and wore my black and white striped shirt. Since it isn't quite chilly enough for pants every day, especially with closed toe shoes, I paired it with my most favorite shorts in the entire world. My high waisted French Connection shorts in a light jean. The days are growing increasingly chilly however and I may try a similar outfit with a new pair of jeans soon. The outfit was fine and dandy, simple and cute without the hat and vest, but I am not always feeling that sort of way. The beauty of fashion/personal style is that you can dress your mood. I felt a little spicier, but not too spicy. So I added the hat and I knew that the hat could probably use a friend so then came the vest. The hat is the same Forever 21 hat from a previous post. I really love the style of this hat. There are wide, round, floppier style hats that have been around at Forever 21 as well. They are very Derby style and a tad too feminine for the outfits I typically put together. So when I went to Forever 21 and they had this bad boy I thought now here is the almost Indiana Jones hat of my dreams. Correct me if I'm wrong, maybe I'm more of a farmer. Either way this style of hat is great! This vest has a story of its own. It is the worlds greatest souvenir, excuse me while I exaggerate. It is actually a souvenir, however. I was really, really lucky when I was 17 and had the opportunity to spend nine days traveling to different areas of France. I bought this vest and a long gray shirt. The store that I purchased the two from was Mim. So this vest is 8 years old and this selfie is pretty bad, minus the small view of Paris from the hotel window. I took it a few days after the purchase. The shirt and vest were from the Mim in St. Malo. It was a beautiful, beautiful place and I feel truly grateful that I was able to visit it. Traveling is a truly enriching experience and clothes are killer souvenirs. 

Exhibit A: Seventeen year old Kristen selfie-ing in Paris, April 2007.

Exhibit A: Seventeen year old Kristen selfie-ing in Paris, April 2007.

Now to my second reason for this post. What an awesome reason it is. I was recently scrolling through Instagram and came across a post for a flash sale for handmade jewelry. The ring in the picture was absolutely adorable. It looked like the perfect ring. It twisted, turned, and hugged the finger in a swirly design. There are so many simple yet beautiful designs now for jewelry and it is really turning my non-jewelry wearing self around. I've collected meaningful pieces from others who were so kind to give me jewelry as presents and I will also wear those from time to time when I'm feeling fancy. This ring stayed on my mind for a couple of days and so I went to Tarah Belle Designs on Etsy and I made the purchase. It was beyond reasonably priced and came with so much love. I can not explain how amazing it felt to have someone put so much positive energy in such a small package. It is the perfect touch to just about any outfit and reads as just as friendly as the message I received in its packaging. Tarah Belle creates her own jewelry and there are lots of beautiful hand made pieces with crystals and stones wrapped in them.  

You can check out her Etsy store here:


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