Go Away

I think we have all been in situations in which we wish "GO AWAY" was more of a common phrase. I mean to be honest it should be, right? There are plenty of reasons that people should be able to tell others to just go away. I mean if we're thinking about it, its much nicer than the alternative "fuck off." While I'm not particularly confrontational having a shirt that is makes my day so much easier.

This shirt is really freaking cute. I love that "go away" is placed in little frilly hearts right on meh boobs, you can't miss them. The hearts remind me of the exact same kind you made at school and put on the front of your mom's Valentine's Day card. Yeah? I found this bad boy through Instagram. It's made by an apparel company, Balm. I was obnoxiously excited when I saw this shirt. As a former cashier I can't tell you how many times this shirt would have come in handy while dealing with dudes who thought I was there to be hit on, repeatedly. On a day when I'm in a mood, moody, honest, real, not sugarcoated, whatever you want to call it - I'll be wearing this shirt.

Something about the frilly hearts and the sass attack inside them made me want to pair the shirt with some cute pieces, but also clearly some spicy ones. I chose purple-y/red and black corduroy plaid pants. I feel like they are pretty spicy. I don't know, maybe thats just me. I found these on sale last winter in Forever 21 for $7.00 which is pretty hard to beat for a pair of pants. I told you I had some plaid pants that I wanted to use. A beret is something I've always loved and never braved, but it seemed to be a perfect fit for this. This beret is also from last winter it was an AWESOME christmas present so I am really thankful for that and finally feeling confident enough to wear it. Love, love, love. The shoes have been around a while and are really old faves. They are suede and similar to the style of a ballerina slipper with a strap across the top. I have been eyeing the tie up, pointed toe versions that I think are at Madewell right now. So maybe I will try those out with this outfit next time! Maybe even an all black look? Oooo. 


Shirt: Balm

Pants: Forever 21