Three days of Rain and Converse



Since Dylan and I have moved the weather has been cloudy with off and on drizzling every day. You're welcome for my local weather report. This led to outfits that have been much, much different than most of my previous posts. To get through my long days around the rainy city and/or inside of our new apartment I've been bundled up in some of my most comfortable pieces. This kind of excites me because in my past blog posts I was mostly posting during the week so my outfits were typically put together for office work. Now that I have been here in our new place with lots of rain and my own schedule I have been able to float around in what I really, really love to wear. YAY. Don't you wish you could wear whatever you wanted to every day? I know I do. Since my schedule consists of coffee, walking Boris, getting ready, unpacking boxes, watching friends, cooking lunch, walking Boris, editing pictures, doing homework, writing blog posts, walking Boris, grocery shopping, get the picture, I can literally wear whatever I want. 

So as it turns out whatever I want consists of blue jeans of any color, shape or size, oversized shirts, the same jean jacket and the same pair of converse. To start, I love this jean jacket fits. Jean jackets tend to be a more sturdier feeling jean than we females buy as pants, lets be real. Jean jackets that are too tight, hurt. Jean jackets that are too short, feel weird. Jean jackets that are thin, are they really jean jackets? If you recognize this jacket its probably because its the same one that I had tied around my waist in my Casual Friday post. Its literally perfect out of all the jean jackets that I have ever purchased. The brand is Merona which is sold at Target. However, I bought it at thrift store that Target is collaborating with/donating to. Go Target! Jean jackets are probably best when thrifted anyways. The plaid shirt is J. Crew and was also thrifted. The only two parts to this puzzle that were bought new were the black Levi's pants and my Converse. 

The day these converse are too ratty to wear is going to be a very sad day. It will be okay though because I'll probably just put them in a shadow box and hang them on the wall. I might have attachment issues, but I think its a fairly understandable situation? You might ask why I would do such a thing or have such an attachment and I would have to say because these shoes are from my trip to France. Which unfortunately means they are from 2008, gross maybe? I mean I can't smell them from across the room so personally I think we're good. 

Story time: So I bought these shoes a week before my trip and I didn't wear them until the day that I left. These bad boys were broken in while traveling all throughout some of the most beautiful places in France, when I was only seventeen. That feels huge to me. It was huge for me. I bought them because I simply needed a new pair of shoes for walking and I am rarely a running shoe kind of girl. The only time I run anymore is when Boris walks too fast, danger is near (a car is coming), or the ice cream truck drives by, but even in that case the last time that that happened I hopped on a scooter and scooted. So yeah. Them's my walking shoes. (Casual insertion of my southern humor).

You might wonder how I pulled off the same pair of shoes for nine days straight, but wearing only black and white converse didn't limit my outfit choices. I still packed everything else that I could imagine wanting to wear. It was pretty cold so I think that I did mostly wear pants, but still I wore whatever combination of things I wanted and bottomed them off with Converse. A single pair of your favorite style of comfortable shoes for nine days around a beautiful and foreign country ?@#$%! I highly recommend it. Unless they're crocs.

Day two of Rain: 

Do you like my dramatic journal entry style or no? Eh. So next is my day two outfit. My initial thought for this one was maybe I need a little more color, why is everything so blah? I kept my main pieces as I said, but this time I added a thrifted shirt that I've had for a while and just can't seem to give up. Its a little crazy looking and probably from my the times of my childhood. I mean it has to be look at that pattern! I paired it with a pair of Gap jeans included with fake rips, tears, and paint splats on them. I found them on sale and I really love them. I can put pretty much anything with them whilst being comfy and casual. This outfit was perfect for unpacking inside all day and only going out because of food and walking Boris. This also meant, I was not fixing my hair. So it looks a little crazy. I know.

Day three of no sunshine:

This time I was feeling a little more peppy and expressed such feelings with pink pants that I recently thrifted. They are Ann Taylor Loft pants. For these rainy days I just paired them with another oversized shirt that happens to be a Rancid t-shirt that I've had for a very long time. There are just some things you don't part with until they're holier than a saint. 1. Band t-shirts that you can still fit in and could never replace 2. Converse. Some things are just better worn. I wanted to add a Rancid song to this blog post, but 1 or 2 iTunes tragedies ago or so a lot of my original favorites were lost. I feel old.

These pink pants have been harder for me to pair things with. I had them prepared for a blog post previously, but I never really felt right about the outfit so I didn't post it. I think my next step for the pants will be making them work with a big gray sweater and/or a black leather jacket. Hmm.. I like this idea. 

Much love,