Casual Friday

So this outfit is from last Friday. Casual Friday that is.

I did these images on the top level of a parking garage before heading to North Carolina (where I will be moving to soon). Since I still had to be work appropriate before the photoshoot, I paired a black Mossimo skater dress with a lighter blue jean Merona jacket. Wearing the jacket (not around my waist) gave it a slightly dressier look. You will notice a repeat of the black boots. I have this problem where I buy something, fall in love with it, and try to pair with everything possible. At least I get my money's worth, right?

After getting off work, I headed to the top of the parking garage and decided the jacket had to my waist. For two reasons: one, it was SUPER HOT and two, it was SUPER HOT. I mean I really didn't mind though because I love tying jackets and sweaters around my waist. I think it has something to do with being born in the nineties. I also decided I wanted to add a white ball cap. I don't know if you guys have noticed (or follow other style/fashion bloggers), but there has been a lot of awesome black and white stuff lately. For instance, the sandal Birkenstocks that come in all white and all black. I can't say for sure whether the all black and all white versions were actually Birkenstock brand or if they were rubbery, awesome looking, knock-offs. Regardless, I considered them. One thing is for certain and that is, I am sold on the black and white striped shirts appearing everywhere. Desert Rose Apparel had a t-shirt dress of the black and white striped t-shirt trend variety. It was beautiful and out of stock by the time that my eyes made their way to the site for that specific reason. Another favorite item that had me drooling for more contrast were in Madewell's shoe collection which also sported an all white shoe, a pair of Van's high tops. These turned out to be more than very tempting. In fact I went on a hunt for them and it turned out that the store that I went to didn't have my size so my bank account and I took that as a sign. Does anyone else do that? I really love how playful this outfit is. Wearing the hat backwards, putting the jacket on my waist, wearing comfortable shoes. I felt cute and ready to go. Unfortunately wearing my hat backwards wasn’t logical for long. It turns out that when it’s bright and sunny out you use the bill of the hat for shade. Who woulda thought? :)  

Much Love,