Experiment: Stripes and Stripes

Experiment: Stripes on Stripes was the best thing that has happened to my closet yet. So many of my favorite pieces had to resurface from the deep dark depths of the "one day," corner. What a glorious day. Putting together some of the pieces was a lot more hilarious than it was appealing, but that just made the process all the better. There were things that I had planned in my head that were a big NAH when I put them on. Then there were pieces that were a big NAH in my head, but were a big YAH when I put them on. You know what I'm saying? This gave life to a lot of clothes that I thought would never get the exposure they deserve. Seeing what I could do when brave enough made me realize that there is a small chance my outfits prior to this day were just BORING. Which isn't true. I mean, I still like most of them, but wow is it awesome to throw together two pieces with a lot of character and see how they work.

For the outfits that didn't work all I can say is yikes and too bad there aren't out-takes because those would be great.

For three looks that I'm sharing, I did so much more than pull out all of my striped pieces of clothing. I also pulled out a lot of my pattern pieces and all of my striped shoes. Which it turns out I only own two pairs of. Picking out the patterned pieces was technically against the rules that I had set for myself, but it worked out in the end. Specifically, in look number three where I managed to pull out a heavily patterned midi skirt that patterns were laid out in stripes. Technically, I didn't even break my rule.

Patterns and Patterns paired together I can save for another day.

Look 1:

I don't really have real names for these looks. It feels weird to name looks (like in the last post). Especially since I am not formally educated in the realm of Fashion. Which leaves me naming things probably incorrectly. For the sake of appeasing my own humor let's call this one sh*t your mom might have worn.

I mean look at those pants! I don't know how old they are, but they might be vintage? They are Talbots brand, but I got them at a thrift store. I was head over heels for how decorative they were. I think this is probably one of those shopping trips where I tried them on, daydreamed of the day I might be brave enough to wear them, walked out of the dressing room, and splurged a solid $7.00 on 'em.

The white sleeveless top has been in a previous post - A tinge of good luck. I bought it brand new at a T.J. Maxx or something. Then the cardigan is my favorite yellow cardigan of all time. It was like a security blanket for me for a good year or so. I stole it from my mom. Thanks, mom!

Also, hence, sh*t my mom has definitely worn. See what I did there?

The second striped piece was actually the pair of shoes. These I also bought from T.J. Maxx, but probably from the mark downs. They are a lightweight leather shoe.


Look 2.

This look felt the most like me. I almost felt like I was in middle school again, striped shirts in dark cool colors was my thing. This striped shirt was gifted from a fellow blogger, Elizabeth Kabakjian. We tend to give each other clothes every few months. This blue and green striped shirt is definitely something I would have picked out for myself.

The pants in this look gave me the most trouble by far. I told myself it would be pretty easy to work this out, but it definitely wasn't. I had a lot of other plans for them, but they are a pretty unique pair of pants. If they were brand new I would say they were high-waisted. However, after much trying, they do not wear like high-waisted pants what-so-ever. In fact, they were unbelievably more comfortable when I wore them dropped and baggy like I am in the photograph.

These pants were also found in thanks to Liz. I found them when we went thrift shopping at a new store that she was showing me (Clothes Mentor). I was confused by them and equally, as intrigued so obviously I tried them on. The weirder the better. They were only $16.00 and completely worth it because they aren't going to wear out anytime soon. They are Diesel denim. Probably the most sturdy denim I have ever worn.

To finish off what I felt like was a tomboy feel, I paired the outfit with a couple pair of my converse. I settled on these white ones because they were the most complimentary, My Dear Watson.


Look 3.

This look was by far the easiest. I remember trying this duo on together for a friend and getting an "eh I don't know." Turns out I still really like it. This is the striped by patterns midi skirt that I mentioned above. I thrift-ed it quite a few years ago and still wear it. It's really comfortable and one of the only of its kind that I have collected and has pockets. A skirt with pockets is just the best. I tied it together with a rope belt that actually came with a Forever 21 dress. I keep using it for other outfits instead. Oh well.

These wedges are from Target and I bought them last summer along with the striped t-shirt. I swooned over both of them for the entire summer. I didn't show the heels nearly as much love, but now that I have an outfit that I want to wear with them I will be next time around. Last minute I decided I needed to add some warmth of some sort and threw on the black blazer. I feel like that really pulled the look together. It went from casually cute to sort of office chic or something. Now that I've tried this, a little late to the punch. I'm pretty sure that I'm cheating every piece of clothing that I own when I don't try to pair them with something else fun.

I realize that most of these outfits are not totally ideal for the winter weather at the moment, but I intend to make them work. I am a big fan of layering underneath as well. Adding cheap tank tops from Forever 21 under my shirts. Adding tights or something similar under pants and skirts. Then for over the top layering, since these looks are fairly busy I have a white, black, and brown almost trench length coats that I will probably add. Then finally solid colored hats or scarves. As much as I love clothes I don't think that I would catch a cold for them.

all photography for this post by  @kristenmbryant

all photography for this post by @kristenmbryant

Much, much love.