Looking at Lapel Pins

I have never been much of a collector but once I got my first lapel pin, I was hooked.  Columbia’s antique malls usually sell pins for a dollar or two.  They pin them all onto a long sheet of paper.  Most of them can be kind of boring (they usually say a football team or companies name) but every now and then you can find some really interesting ones.  One day I went to a local antique mall with some friends and found a joint pin.  I couldn’t believe I found it and I also couldn’t believe that at one point, someone was manufacturing joint pins.  Who knew.  So clearly I bought it.  I also found a rocket ship pin and went home with this idea that I was going to start collecting pins!  I told my friends that I was going to start doing this and one of my friends gifted me with a few different pins for my birthday.  I believe he found them at the same antique mall we went to the first time.  After I received the Colorado and owl pin from my friend, I became a bit obsessed.  

I continued collecting random pins for a while.  Then Valentine’s day rolled around.  If my boyfriend plans on giving me gifts, he always includes a gag gift.  This year it was two pins, one for me and one for him.  My side says “true” and his side says “love” but when put together, they make the shape of a turd.  This was so true to our humor that I couldn’t help but love it, even if it was a gag gift.  Since my collection was really starting to grow, I wanted to show all my pins off.  At the time, I was wearing a black Vans book bag to school everyday.  Like an idiot, I pinned my entire collection to this book bag.  Yeah, well… Turns out this IS the best way to show off your pins if you want to lose some of them.  That’s right, I lost three of the pins I had collected by the end of the day!  Thankfully, most of my favorites survived the day and I put them back in storage.  

This year, I continued collecting more pins but I was determined to show them off more!  I bought my jean jacket from American Eagle during their Cyber Monday sale.  I figured that this would be an easy way to show off my pins without losing them all like last time.  I have been wearing this jacket for the last month with no incidents!  Not only does it securely hold all my pins but it also turned an okay jacket into something that is really interesting thing to look at.  Every time I wear my jean jacket, I always get comments on my pins.  Whether it is something along the lines of “who else is in your bad bitch club?” or “what kind of dogs do you have?” it is always a conversation starter!  So let's move on to where I get my pins, incase you want to start a collection of your own!

Scully Pin: These came in a set with both Scully and Mulder from X-Files. My boyfriend purchased them from Sad Truth Supply. You can browse through their pins here or on their instagram @sadtruthsupply.

Read More Pin: I'm an English major, so when I saw this pin I knew I had to have it! I found this pin on Etsy, here is the link if you are interested. She has pins ranging from fruit to pint glasses, all cute and good quality! You can also check her out on Instagram, the account name is @jane.koo.

True Love Pins: These also come in a set, one saying "true" and the other saying "love." I really like pintrill because most of their pins revolve around what is trending right now. They range from emojiis to popular sayings. You can purchase their pins here or you can browse their instagram (@pintrill). 

Owl, Joint, Rocket Ship, and Colorado Pins: Unfortunately these were all gifted or thrifted. I have no clue where to find these specific pins but I encourage you to go thrifting if you want to find rare, weird, and interesting pins! 

Mulder Pin: Like stated above, this came in a set from Sad Truth Supply. Scroll up for the links!

Dogs Pin: I've always been a dog person and I'm currently a puppy momma to two awesome dogs. Browsing Etsy, you see a lot of cat pins, so I wanted something to show my love for dogs! I think this is one of the few pins that I purchased as soon as I saw it. Monsters Outside offers various pins, appealing to both cat and dog lovers! You can also check out some of their stuff on Instagram (@monstersoutside). 

Grateful Dead Pin: I got this from a random head shop in Asheville. I cannot remember the name off the top of my head, sorry!

Heart Envelope Pin: I purchased this pin from a smaller shop on Etsy. You can look at their pins here and their Instagram at @doubledenimdude. While they do not have a large selection, all their pins and buttons are really interesting. The pin I received from them is gorgeous and well made! I encourage you all to check out their shop. 

Bad Bitch Club: I found this pin right around Christmas time and I knew it would be a perfect gift for my closest girl friends. I think that Penelope has the right idea because you can purchase this pin by itself or in a set of three! You can look at her other pins here or her Instagram @penelopegazin. All of her pins are super sassy and I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite things to collect are! OR comment below and tell me your favorite place to purchase pins is! Catch you all next week when I make my first post in the Beauty section of Seamingly. Thanks for reading!