Hi From the Sky

Hi from the Sky

By Elizabeth Kabakjian

If only these photos could reveal what the temperature was at the time taken. There is a very specific reason why my hands are covered up by my sleeves; it was below freezing and tiny pieces of ice were falling, telling me Hi from the Sky. A coat was not a part of this outfit, therefore I couldn't wear it in the photos for the sake of keeping warm.

This outfit displays a mixture of different ways I like to dress. I knew I wanted to wear this sweater, but I also knew that I was going to layer a long sleeve underneath it. Soft and delicate, this is a 100% cotton knit sweater from Free People. As much as I admire and like Free People clothing, I am quite selective with the items that I will wear. I knew not only that I was going to layer a long sleeve underneath it, but that I wanted it to be a turtle neck. Turtle necks are very much a favorite article of clothing of mine, which was not the case when I was a child. But ever since I hit my teen years, I realized that I actually love them.
So as I stood at the doorway of my closet, looking up to my pile of long sleeve shirts and turtle necks, I grabbed this navy blue and white striped 100% cotton GAP turtle. Yes, I called it a "turtle". In fact when pluralizing I call them "turtles" and I have my good friend Kelsey Rose to thank for that. A few years ago she had complimented me on my "turtle" and ever since that moment, I most often ostracize its partner word "neck".  Every time that I wear this specific "turtle", it reminds me of a mixture between The Hamburglar, a Mime, and a Jail uniform. Although I do not eat McDonalds or really even hamburgers, I have not yet in my life come in contact with a real life mime, and I have not been and do not plan on going to jail; this turtle neck still reminds me of all three.

Now let's move on to this hat. A recent addition to my hat collection, I got this at an Urban Outfitters on winter clearance sale. I was instantly drawn to its pop of red and most importantly its giant pom-pom. It was a must have. I threw it on with this outfit because I really like it, its quite warm, and its fairly new to me. It was afterwards that I knowledgeably noticed it is color coordinated with the rest. I'm not usually very fond of specifically color coordinating an outfit but, this time I suppose it worked out in favor.
I expect that you've noticed the number of items a part of this outfit that obtain stripes. It was not specifically intentional, I just really love stripes. Big stripes, small stripes, red stripes, white stripes, tall stripes, short stripes, narrow stripes or wide stripes; all of the stripes. Hmm.. I should become a writer for Dr. Seuss and write a story on different kinds of stripes.
These white tube socks are above the ankle length, with two red stripes at the top band, very 80's athletic style. Worn with a pair of dirty old white Cheng's sneakers. I have had this pair of shoes for years, probably 7 or 8 years. I also have another pair but in black, which you will probably see in a later post. Their age has become quite obvious because of how dirty they have gotten, and how faded the white has become over the years, but mostly the bright white from the socks is at fault for revealing their brownish tint. I am a big fan of dirty shoes. Unless of course they are a pair worn for dressing up, that is certainly an exception. Getting a new pair of shoes is always enjoyable, but the worst part to me about a new pair of shoes is looking down at my feet and seeing them clean and unbroken in. I want to see broken in and dirtied up, 'with love and care', of course. 

Last but not least, the one piece that essentially ties the whole outfit together, and by that I mean without them this would not be a complete outfit. THE PANTS. These pants have been sitting in my closet for a while and I had partially forgotten about them or mostly just haven't gone to wear them. Now that I finally wore them, I was awaken by the realization that I love them and I will be wearing them much more often. 98% cotton 2% elastane; a pair of J.Brand pants that I call "the zipper pants". If you are uncertain on what elastane is, just think of spandex. Elastane is a synthetic fiber that is on the same team as spandex, for its exceptional elasticity. I have another pair with more than one zipper on them but these have exactly 7 zippers, each of which hold a purpose. Meaning that they are not just decorative. I regret that I did not get any up close detail images of the pants, but perhaps and most likely they will reappear in a later post. I did plan to, it was just by the time I was going to I was simply TOO COLD.
There is a brief story on how these pants landed in my closet.
One day a few years back, Kristen and I were shopping at a Marshall's browsing on a winter clearance rack and I found these. J.Brand is a very loved brand by myself, for the quality of the fabrics and the overall general style of their pants specifically.
As Kristen and I were in the dressing rooms trying on some clothes, I didn't like how these looked on me and so I tossed them over the wall separator to her dressing room. She tried them on and liked them, and then I saw them on her and we both agreed that she must buy them. She enjoyed them over the years and then one day accidentally shrunk them in the dryer. Not long ago she handed them off to me and I love them now more than ever. And so yeh, that's the story.
I told Kristen recently that in a way these are our "traveling pants".



Did you ever used to watch the show Arthur on PBS Kids? The coolest aardvark on the planet whose name is Arthur Read and has a sister named D.W. who has an imaginary friend named Nadine, and his bunny rabbit best friend named Buster Baxter? Oh, and not to mention the rest of the crew; Francine, Binky, Muffy and their annoying teacher Nigel. (I'm not going to list out all of the characters, but anyway) One of the greatest PBS Kids television series of the 90's.
Well, I say all of that to say this - If so, do you remember the episodes when we would be looking through the eyes of Arthur, and any time he didn't have his glasses on because they either fell off or he was just waking up from sleep, everything was blurry and out of focus? This is my version of looking through Arthur's glasses-less eyes.

Also this is my way for today of saying farewell folks, until next time.

All images digitally photographed by me.