Sweater Weather

all photography for this post by  Elizabeth Kabakjian . 

all photography for this post by Elizabeth Kabakjian

So, this past weekend #winterstormjonas #blizzard2016 was awesome in North Carolina. Elizabeth came to visit and to be filmed for her resume video. The Resume video was filmed by Austin Witthuhn. Nearly everything was closed in Downtown Winston-Salem because of the couple inches of snow. The weekend mostly consisted of cooking, some beer drinking, some tea drinking, and card game playing with a walk or three to CVS - for necessities like candy. Walking through a snow covered and empty downtown was pretty apocalyptic feeling so when we got back from our adventure I put on The Day After Tomorrow. I thought it was hilarious at first. Then naturally, I became a little worried that we should've bought more than a bag of Reese's eggs.

Upon Elizabeth's arrival, she presented me with a bag of Ralph Lauren sweaters that she was sure she would never wear again. Very, very good timing. Very, very lovely sweaters. I only own one or two really warm sweaters because I'm from South Carolina. Winter has become a blip in time there. I gave her some 120mm film in return because that's how we do things sometimes.

One of the sweaters that she gave me is this petite, charcoal green-ish gray, tight knit sweater. It has 3/4 sleeves and stops right at the top of my gap jeans which are slightly high-rise. I decided to give it a try with one of my plaid shirts from my post - Plaid Happy. The bottom of the plaid shirt hangs out from under the sweater and over my waist. The sleeves of the plaid shirt were either rolled up or down to my wrists. They looked nice either way. It was pretty cute and I was pretty happy about it. After putting the two together, I wore them for Elizabeth's resume video. Elizabeth, Austin, and I set out into the cold and Austin filmed Elizabeth photographing the images for this blog.

(Minus the three in the middle that were taken inside).

I decided to capture more images of the plaid shirt and sweater combo since it wasn't very visible in my snow storm ensemble. It was way too cold to be removing layers. Plus, I had the bright idea to pick up snow and throw it into the air, with no gloves on. It was all fun and pretty until I couldn't feel my hands.

When layering up for warmth I really toned down the outfit because I added a black coat, scarf, and boots. With the layers the outfit was almost all black. The rest of the outfit included: the plaid shirt from J.Crew (thrift-ed), the Ralph Lauren sweater (gifted), the Ralph Lauren boots, Gap jeans, and the hat is from Forever 21. The hat is soft, fairly heavy, and is loose sweater knit with a sweater pattern. It's a good hat for a good price, I highly recommend checking them out for decent priced hats. For the heavy layering I added this amazing black coat that I bought on sale at T.J. Maxx. It's incredibly warm and a heavy wool like material. It's perfect for the kind of weather we are having. The faux leather details are my favorite part. The coat has faux leather trim around the zipper, the pockets, and the ends of the sleeves. It's my fancy winter coat. The brand of the jacket is Marc New York by Andrew Marc. I'm not terribly familiar with the brand, but this jacket is just what I needed. The only downside is that my shedding husky puppy plus my black coat meant that I held up filming for thirty minutes. Then I still had to take a lint roller outside because Husky hair is impossible to get rid of completely.

I added a black scarf for extra warmth, but mostly look. The scarf wasn't very thick or heavy so it was nice, but no wool scarf if you know what I mean. This outfit was really simple color wise. When I keep it simple I do so with black, blue, and green quite a lot. I know that monochromatic is the current way to keep it simple, but I'm more of a color kind of person. Maybe I'll do a post on the monochromatic options in my closet. That could be interesting....we'll see?

Thanks for reading my short and sweet post :).

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the snow.

Much love,