Experiment: Color Blocking

Jewel Tone Look.

Jewel Tone Look.

The Earth Tone look.

The Earth Tone look.

all photography for this post by  @kristenmbryant

all photography for this post by @kristenmbryant

One of my favorite things to do is read Fashion Magazines. There are a few good ones out there that are easy to access and loaded with style, tips, and trends. Porter Magazine is one of them. They advertise a lot of pricey products, but also include a lot of fashion tips. If you can afford their example products, then go you! A lot of us are still working on it! So when you're flipping through a magazine and come to one of the sections with style, tips, and trends don't forget that your closet is probably a lot fuller than you remember. Also, the most "chic" outfits that I see don't always look like the person went out and bought the most brand new pieces they could find. They look like they are wearing pieces that they bought ten years ago and saved. Trends tend to come back around.

Very recently I was scrolling through some of my favorite blogs and found a post with a collection of awesome outfits from 2015. I was in awe, in fact, I am still in awe. I never feel finished when it comes to outfit ideas. I can come up with three one day that make me way too excited for an opportunity to wear them and then after those three days are up I'm back to, "I don't have anything to wear!" Looking at these outfits let me know that the collecting is never over for an enthusiast and the outfit possibilities are endless regardless. This post is proof: Trends and Highlights for 2016! Think about what they are wearing. You probably own something similar to at least one of the pieces. So if you like what they did, give it a go!

Through fashion magazines and fashion bloggers I find a lot of inspiration. It's one of those things for me that wakes me up inside or makes me giddy. One of my newest favorite examples of wear what you want and brave your style is, Ursina Gysi .

I found her by scrolling through blog posts using BlogLovin'. Her outfits are out there and I'm pretty in love with them. When will I get that brave? I don't know maybe soon? For now I will just look at her style choice in awe and maybe start a collection of really weird pieces from thrift stores. That's where I prefer to start my shopping adventures. (I have no clue where Ursina Gysi shops).

The main point is that I feel like she wears whatever she wants and that is something I find really admirable. Wearing what you like and wearing what other people will like on you are two different things. Think about it. What you wear should be for you.

Another person that I really admire for her style bravery is Michele Krusi. She has a more feminine touch to a similar technique. She wears a lot of expensive/high end pieces, but you can look chic in affordable pieces too. Her outfits are great inspiration for outfit formulas. In fact one of her blog posts is about skirts over pants. I immediately thought that was brilliant. It's something we have all tried alone in our rooms. She did too, and shared it. I feel like I've been there in the winter when you want to wear something, but you don't want to freeze. Style Vs. Weather. Now that it's not Christmas and it's 34 degrees instead of 70 degrees that's become my thinking. Which is why my next blog post will be a second experiment similar to skirts over pants, but an idea that I got from Porter.

The first style tip that I decided to try from Porter was Color Blocking. Tis' the reason for the ... Blog Post. One of the tips for Color Blocking that Porter suggested was picking pieces that clash a little - like pink and red or green and blue. I first tried my color clashing with a bright burgundy sweater and a burnt orange skirt. For the second clashing of colors duo I wanted to use the orange skirt again because it doesn't leave the closet as often as I would like. So I chose my favorite charcoal green turtle neck and thought, "peas and carrots." While they are harmonious figuratively they tend to be clashing visually.

Another tip that was suggested was color blocking in three's. So I added my tan suede jacket and bold blue scarf. The scarf contributed to a jewel toned look when paired with the bright burgundy and orange pieces. I'm not a huge fan of the jewel tone color scheme even though each piece really pops against the other. In the end of it I preferred the suede jacket, green turtle neck, and orange skirt combination. These three together created a more earth tone look which more often than not tends to be my personal style preference.

They made other suggestions like using your purse as one of the contrasting colors. So if you bought a bright pink purse once and thought you would never use it again, go for it. Give your purchases their best shot. Leave a comment to let me know if you tried Color Blocking!

Much love,