Experiment: Dresses Over Pants



The "Gala Casual" look was the first look that I picked out when experimenting with Dresses over pants. I started out with the most colorful dress that I own because I recently watched Dior and I. (A little late the movie came out in 2014). In this film, the new head of the famous Christian Dior fashion house re-designs Dior dresses. One of the strategies implemented was to wear a dress over pants. The dresses were very beautiful and decorative. Seeing this trend in the movie was the second time that I had seen it outside of Porter suggesting it in their December Issue. So naturally I wanted to try to imitate the look using a decorative dress first.

Even though I tried to mask the dress down a bit with different layers it remained pretty bold, which I ended up loving. I feel like this look is really dynamic because it's still as comfy as casual while standing out. This dress has appeared on my blog before in Statement Piece. It's a French Connection sale find that I am still head over heels for. I felt like this was a good way to bring the piece back into my wardrobe without waiting until it was warmer weather. As I wrote before in Statement Piece this is a dress that you don't forget. You would know that I was wearing it again for sure. It's the perfect fit since there is no way to miss it despite all the layering. The pants that I chose have also been blogged before. They're ripped and paint splatted Gap jeans. I felt like they were a good contrast with the dress since one is slightly more formal than the other. However, the design of the pants is almost as busy as the dress so visually it kind of blends. After that I toned it down by adding solid color pieces. I added a blue scarf to match the blue in the dress and then covered up with a black leather jacket and black suede booties. I could see this dress being layered a lot of ways. If I had leather pants I would definitely add those with the dress, keep the scarf, tackle another jacket and shoe combination then give it another go.

When my confidence is needing a boost or already boosted I'll be sporting this ensemble for sure.



The "Grunge Casual" look came about when I had two things on my mind. 1. I need to walk Boris (Husky) and 2. What's my next Dress over Pants option? Simple enough. So as I looked through my clean clothes laying on the dirty floor I came across two pieces that I have been avoiding for a few weeks. One is this Charlotte Russe dress that shrunk in the dryer. The other is this pair of black Levi's that have fabric stretch marks in weird places (the crotch). I don't advise buying new Levi's. While they lasted a few good months, months are not the increment of time that I was looking for considering their prices. Also, the color faded significantly. No thanks! I suggest thrift-ed Levi's in the meantime because my thrift-ed (old) Levi's are holding up pretty nice. I chose these two pieces because their troubling inconveniences could be made to work and I wouldn't have to spend a dime. Super short grey dress plus odd stretched jeans equals no mooning and no awkward stares at your crotch. PLUS, I don't have to toss these out yet. Instead, I have a new outfit.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The other pieces to the ensemble are the beanie that I bought for $5 at a drugstore in NYC. I was not prepared for how cold it was. Next, are my Madden Girl boots and my Forever 21 cardigan that I have posted about before.

I stayed in this outfit until I was forced to put on p.j.'s. The comfort level is high with this one.




With the "Office Casual" look I mainly wanted to incorporate this incredibly comfortable shirt dress. I wore it A LOT over summer and missed it's comfort. Since this dress is a Shirt Dress it felt like the no brain-er of choices for this trend. Am I right? I've often worn this dress to the office, so I already knew it would match my desired look. To continue the casual look I added a pair of skinny jeans.

I tried other pants of different colors and materials, but the blue jeans were the end choice. To keep the office portion of the office casual I chose these leopard print flats. The leopard print flats were a gift from a friend and what good timing she has. Leopard print is also a new trend that I keep seeing as a I scroll through blogs every day. Lucky me! Thanks Mal!

While I probably wouldn't pick out anything animal print on my own, I do love them. Animal print - vegetarian - animal print - vege.... you get what I'm saying. This look is incredibly easy and incredibly comfortable. Win - win's are my favorite.

Dresses over pants works for me 100%. The outfits are really fun to put together and this is a perfect trend to tackle since it's cold enough to layer.

Much love,