Personal Style with Kaitlyn Rose


Style Inspiration: Kaitlyn Rose


Photographs by Kristen M. Bryant

1. When It Comes To Clothing, How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

i would describe my style as someone who is pretty inspired by clothing from the 90s that i find at thrift stores. 


2. What Are Some Of Your Staple Items? Is There Anything That You Just Couldn't Live Without?

i absolutely could not live without my guess brand jeans from the 80s. i found them a few years ago at a thrift store, and i wear them at least once a week in every season. they are my exact size, and they are extremely worn in and comfortable.


3. When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Are Some Things That Go Through Your Head To Help You Decide What To Throw On For The Day?

i usually check the weather and think about what my plan is for the day. if i have just gotten a new article of clothing i usually try to implement that in some way though. it makes the day more fun when you get to wear something that is new to you (my outfits are usually always thrifted) 


4. Do You Have Any Inspirations For Your Style? If So, Let's Hear It! If Not, Then Tell Us What You're Wearing Right Now. (Feel Free To Answer Both)

my inspirations for my style is honestly any picture of any woman from the 70s, 80s, or 90s. those are my favorite decades for fashion. 


5. What Are Some Items Of Clothing That You Feel The Most Comfortable Wearing?

i’m drawn to pulling on a chunky turtleneck in the fall/winter for comfort, and in the summer i usually feel the most comfortable in a tank with shorts. 


6. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Brands/Designers/Stores?

elizabeth suzann is a designer and founder of the clothing company elizabeth suzann that is based out of nashville, tn. i am in love with her work, but i have to admire from afar until i can save up to purchase a piece from her.


7. What Advice Do You Have For Other Guys/Gals That Would Like To Achieve A Similar Style?

i have been told by a friend that if they saw what i was wearing off of me they would think it was “weird”, but once i wear it and pair it with my other items it looks cute and stylish (thankfully), so i would say branch out from the norm and just try something that others might not have seen before! if YOU like it, that is. 


8. Is There A Color That You Most Usually End Up Incorporating Into Your Outfit? Whether It Be Intentional Or Non Intentional (I.E. You Always End Up Wearing A Lot Of Black Or White)

my outfits most always consist of various neutrals. tan, black, and brown are my favorites. it doesn’t feel intentional, it is just what i am most drawn to.


9. If We Could Go Through Your Family Photos And See A Photographic Documentary Of Your Style Phases, Which Style Phase Would Be The Most Embarrassing? We've All Had Them!

oh goodness. my embarrassing style phase was the abercrombie middle school phase. matching the moose on the polo with the bermuda shorts. at the time i felt like i liked it, but most likely i wore it because that’s what all my fiends were wearing. i hate hate HATE knowing that now. i really appreciate style originality, and originality in general, so it pains me to know that generally speaking middle schoolers find that difficult. 


10. Favorite season to dress for? 

FALL!! dressing for autumn means wearing dresses with light coats, boots, and socks, without having to cover your entire outfit, and being, with hats and gloves and overcoats. 


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