& This T-shirt

& This T-shirt

By Elizabeth Kabakjian

They say that home is where the heart is. Which to me means that an individual can have more than one home. Because the heart does not limit itself.

This place is a feeling of home
This place is where my heart has developed a feeling that will not fade.
This place is the ocean, where the sand has a warmth to it all year round
The high winds or the calm breezes, this place leaves me feeling at home


Me and my siblings grew up visiting this part of South Carolina our whole lives. All of the memories cannot be replaced and all of the time spent will never be forgotten. 
On this day there was a feeling of contentment. As my favorite sister and I (I have only one sister, therefore she is my favorite) spent the afternoon on the shore, it was the warmest 31st of a January that I can remember. Warm enough to wear shorts yet cool enough to wear a heavy sweater. 
These teal colored tights are a pair that I have had for several years but have worn less than the number of years I have had them; probably. Not because I don't like them, but because I don't wear tights very often. These were a Nine West less than $10 Tj Maxx find. You won't see me wearing tights with shorts much but there was something about this combination I couldn't resist. 
Layered with the tights are these black Levi's 'Shorty Short' shorts, another less than $10 find. When I brought these home from the store last summer, I cut off the bottom hemming of the shorts, then shredded up the ends with some homemade tools, threw them in the wash and wah-lah! Well..the magic happened once they went through the dryer because that is when all of the fraying and tearing occurs. I probably wore these every day last summer from that day on. Okay not everyday but close to it. Needless to say, I love them.

This outfit contains three articles from Urban Outfitters: the hat, the chunky knit cardigan sweater, and the black Mary Jane shoes.
My sister Justine had bought this 100% wool, Silence + Noise hat a few months back at an Urban Outfitters while I hadn't gotten the chance to see it before she did, but it is quite alright because I am always borrowing things from her wardrobe without permission anyway. Paired with the hat is this pair of sunglasses that I had found at a vintage clothing shop in North Carolina. People have referred to them as "Lennon glasses", which only makes them even better. 

The beige/ivory colored chunky knit cardigan sweater, was a recent Urban Outfitters purchase. I had seen it one weekend on sale but passed up the purchase, until the following weekend I checked back and there so happen to be one left in just the size I needed. I think it was meant to be. It is also happens to be one of my favorite UO (Urban Outfitters) brands, BDG. BDG is one of UO's basic and necessary staple collections; giving "classic fits an original twist."

and then this t-shirt...

Saving the best for last, in this case; the Mickey Mouse t-shirt. This t-shirt was a gift from my dad to my mom back in 1983. My dad had gone to a friend's wedding in California, and on that same trip he and some buddies had gone to Disneyland and brought back for my mom was this little Mickey Mouse "T". You could say that it is vintage, although some may disagree. Regardless of its age, it will always be special to me. Ever since I first saw this t-shirt as a kid, I wanted it to be mine and a lot of the reason why it is special to me is because it was my mom's from years ago. I don't believe I actually asked her if I could take this from her but it just kind of happened, and she is alright with it. Even though we don't live in the same house or town anymore, we still share clothes sometimes. 


A feeling of home:

The beach & this t-shirt

Until next time, farewell folks!

All images digitally photographed by me.