Moderate in Mexico: Part 1

There is plenty to be said about the trip to Cozumel, Mexico. The number one thing I want to say is thank you to Mama B for the opportunity. It was a wonderful experience. I was taken aback by everything packed into Cozumel and was lucky enough to meet some great people. I definitely hope to go back and take twice as many pictures. Speaking of pictures I have a lot more to share in a photography blog later this week. 

For now I want to talk about and show you guys my outfit choices. When I found out that I was going to be able to go on this trip I decided I should take the opportunity to work on my packing and my travel outfit choices. I have always been a little envious of those who are able to pack very little and look like they packed a lot. You know? I mean, I thought that was a talent only possessed by Mary Poppins, but that's not true. Especially for travel bloggers that I have been following! One of the tricks that I read from a travel blog recently was to take very little and buy when you get there, but that wasn't in the cards for me.

When planning my outfits I wanted to pack what I wear on a daily basis in the summer and what I find the most comfortable. I also wanted to pack sturdy clothing. To me, being comfortable means not terribly constricting, not falling off, not wondering if people can see my ass when I bend over, and not worrying that people can see my sweat in 80 degree weather. Maybe I'm weird, maybe I'm practical? I'm not totally certain. I tried to harken that back pack across Europe, travel blogger, packing mind set. I don't think that it worked completely, but I definitely could zip my duffle open and closed without hurting myself. That is always an accomplishment. 

In packing lightly I didn't want to short myself on style options the most. I feel the best when I am staying true to myself. It bothers me when people try to tell me what to wear (why would you do that) or when I'm vulnerable to other peoples opinions and end up dressing like someone I'm not. It rarely happens anymore, but when I first started working I realized that a lot of clothes that I wouldn't have ever touched with a ten foot pole are what bosses wanted me to be wearing everyday. 


Outfit 1:

 In putting together [weather + comfort + packing lightly] I decided I wouldn't need more than three pairs of shoes. One of which were Franco Sarto Sandals that are so flat they take up almost no space at all. Solid choice. Second, I packed light weight shirts that actually serve as dress shirts when I am at home and working an office job. So in the photos you see the sleeveless white shirt with the long beige Express cardigan, the very modest light olive shirt, and slightly darker olive shirt. Those are all my light weight dress shirts that roll up and squish together inside of my duffle. Rolling and squishing is the key to great packing (sometimes).

 The light olive shirt that I am wearing below was my only non-practical piece. I genuinely only liked it when I paired it with the short all's from Desert Rose Apparel. I paired these two together prior to leaving and really liked the contrast of modest dress shirt and short-alls. I think that I had originally wanted to pair them with my white converse (one of my three pairs of shoes), but it was much too hot and I had muddied up my converse riding an ATV through puddles. The short-alls are perfect for traveling around all day and the shirt is great for still letting some air in. I was never too hot and I felt true to my own style. Green is my favorite color in case you were wondering.  


Outfit 2:

This outfit was almost the most comfortable. The white sleeveless shirt and cardigan were extra soft and I never was too hot in them. ~Free your pits~. The French Connection, high-waisted shorts are my favorite pair. If you've been reading my previous blogs this is not new, news. They're super comfortable and another good choice for sturdy, but stylish when adventuring around. The flat sandals ended up being my go-to pair of shoes since it was so warm. I do wish the bottoms were a little more padded for all the walking that we did, but other than that they went with everything and could go from walking around in the city to beach sandals easily. I'm not a huge accessories person, but I did pair my black and gold Anne Klien watch anytime that I wore my sandals and skinny black and gold belt. 


Outfit 3:

All of my outfit choices were intentionally very simple, but this one still made me feel a little sassy to be honest. I really like rolled up sleeves, something about the sleeve rolling touch gives an outfit the ready to work or tougher appeal. Since the shirt I chose could go both ways, I decided to roll up the sleeves. I felt like the rolled sleeves, the darker shade of olive, the "V" at the neck that could potentially be pretty low, and the rough fringed, high-waisted shorts gave me the look that expressed what I was feeling that day.

The shorts are vintage high-waisted Levi's that I cut from pants. They're not perfect, but they have lots of character. I added the same black and gold accessories. This was mostly because the only other accessory that I brought was a brown watch with a map as the face. So options were limited, but hey I packed 'lightly'. I also paired this top with the same sandals and a pair of dark blue jeans (the m.i.a. outfit six). It was perfect for when we went out to dinner and danced a little too. During the day Mexico can be pretty hot, but at night it cooled down and simultaneously became more windy. 

You know you love that wall art. 

You know you love that wall art. 

Yes, I'm aware there is something on my shirt. It's Sunscreen. I'm a messy person sometimes. 

Yes, I'm aware there is something on my shirt. It's Sunscreen. I'm a messy person sometimes. 

Well, that's all for part one. There are quite a few more outfits to talk about. I think that this could end up being a two-three part blog post. We shall see. 

Much love,