Moderate in Mexico: Part 2

Thank you to everyone who read the first post and messaged me about the images. It was amazing to see how well received it was. You all are awesome!

Picking up where we left off.... let's jump right into the next outfit!

Outfit 4:

I was so-so excited to try out this outfit.

Have you ever bought something for summer in the winter?

It feels like such a long wait.

The piece that I was dying to wear was the skirt, it's Gap and I thrifted it quite a while ago. I don't have a ton of top options for this, but if you have any ideas feel free to let me know. I repeated the sleeveless top and cardigan with the skirt to keep it simple and once again pack lightly. All in the plan. I intended to wear my converse, but it was way too hot pretty much all week and like I said before, I sacrificed them for the ATV adventuring (which was very worth it). However, If you want to leave comments or email me the best way to bleach them just a tad I won't be mad about it. 

No surprise here, I ended up pairing the black sandals this day too. So basically I wore the sandals at some point every day and it was fine. Limiting my shoe options turned out to be the easiest sacrifice.


Outfit 5:

This outfit was one that I hadn't planned. That "just in case" packing choice. We all have those. I don't actually wear them very often outside of dressing them up as casual office wear. To be honest I thought they could potentially double as pajama pants? I get cold pretty easily. If you own a pair of pants that are similar then you know what I'm saying. These pants are unbelievably comfortable. They're also a great material for trying to pack light and I had successfully created room to spare. 

I needed something to wear to the beach, but before we went on the beach we also walked to the top of the lighthouse at Punta Sur. I've been to the beach quite a lot and a personal preference of mine is to not dress so that it's obvious that I'm wearing my bathing suit everywhere, just because I was at the beach for a portion of the day.  

In order to beat the heat and make my outfit double as beach wear I chose to wear really light clothing that could dry easy. These pants were not ideal for getting wet and sandy at the ankles, but it didn't really matter because they dried really quickly.

To keep from feeling like I was going to the office I chose my only top option that wouldn't over heat me and would contrast with the pants to create a more casual look - I'm slow on the memo, but wearing these pants with a crop top is the shit. 

The crop top is a Desert Rose Apparel top. So if you like the short-all's or the top make sure to check them out.


Traveling to Mexico:

This outfit was the most planned. Nothing is quite as confusing as trying to plan travel outfits around your dis-interest in wear yoga pants (just a personal preference). Flying is a lot of work. You're carrying heavy bags, putting them down, and lifting them back up. Squeezing in out of small places with them  and running with them (potentially). Winston-Salem to Mexico was going from Winter to Spring. I desperately didn't want to wear a large winter jacket even though the first half of my day would be freezing (even in Miami at our connecting flight). I have flown before and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to load yourself down with things you will either have to carry or sweat to death in. Airplanes are a little cold, but Winston-Salem is colder. Since I wasn't going to spend a lot of time outside in Winston-Salem or in the areas of our connecting flights I sacrificed being warm during my brief walks outside. I was comfortable and I still enjoyed what I was wearing. Slip-on shoes would have been really nice for TSA, but I don't have any that would 'go with everything.' I chose to start the trip off with the colors that I ended up wearing for the entire week: blue and green.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted)

Cardigan: Forever 21

Jeans: Gap Skinny (mid-rise)

Shoes: Converse 


Going out to Carnaval:

In Cozumel (not certain about all of Mexico) they celebrate Mardi Gras, but it's called Carnaval. Carnaval lasts from Thursday to Tuesday, if I remember correctly, and it's loads of fun. They have a parade every night, street vendors, and an actual Carnival (the kind with kiddy rides and cotton candy, but instead, traditional Mexican candies and foods). On the official night of Carnaval they have the biggest parade of the celebration, crazy costumes (not like Halloween), partying in the streets, street vendors, the carnival still, and live music. There was a band on the roof of a liquor store and an even bigger band down the street in an enormous tent beside the Carnival. It was amazing. It was also the perfect time to wear my French Connection dress that I have blogged about twice before (Statement Piece, Experiment: Dresses Over Pants).  The dress is really vibrant and also, almost the same as the Mardi Gras colors. I wanted to wear just the dress and my Franco Sarto sandals however, it was unusually cool out and very windy. I ended up trading my sandals for my Vans, adding knee high black socks and adding my light blue jean Merona jacket. Adding the vans, socks, and jacket REALLY dressed down the outfit, but I liked it. It was a party in the streets and people were wearing some crazy stuff so it wasn't even something that I thought twice about.


Traveling Home:

I used the same concept as traveling there as I did for planning my outfit for traveling back. I had packed the t-shirt for off days when we didn't do anything (we didn't have any), the one day we rode ATV's through the mud, for sleeping, and traveling back (we had a place to wash clothes). When we came home however the outfit was not so smartly planned. There was snow everywhere in Winston-Salem and it was freezing cold outside. So when we got off the plane I added my blue jean jacket and toughed it out for the walk to the car (BRRRRRRRRR). 

I think that those were all the outfits that I wore out and about. I did actually have a few clothes that I didn't even touch. So, in retrospect I could have easily skipped repeating pieces OR left the others at home. 

Cozumel is amazing. I don't know how anyone sees the good stuff by taking a cruise there and shopping for one day. There is so much more to see! Which leads me to, thanks for checking out my outfits - next are my images of just COZUMEL

Much love,