Style Inspiration: Kaitlyn Rose

all photography for this post by @kristenmbryant

all photography for this post by @kristenmbryant

    it’s just a feeling. a feeling on whether it’s going to be a day that i dress up, or a day that i pair my favorite light-washed jeans with a turtleneck; all of which happen to be thrifted. picking out clothing has always come naturally to me mostly due to the fact that i’m not picky when it comes to finding clothes that fit my “style”. if i like it, and it fits, i get it. my sister and i recently took a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee. on our final day there we visited a local vintage shop, hip zipper vintage, and i found both the skirt and the shirt that kristen so beautifully photographed me in. finding an item that there’s only one of feels so much better than looking down the rack and seeing that there are ten more just like the one in your hand. shopping is fun for me because i (obviously) enjoy getting new clothes to wear and to add to my ever growing collection of chunky heels and jumpers from the 90’s, but also because it’s exciting to see what i will find that day- because every day is different when you’re thrifting. 


- kaitlyn rose


excerpt written and song picked by kaitlyn rose. 

photographs taken by kristen m. bryant.