By Elizabeth Kabakjian

First, I should start off by saying I LOVE SOCKS. There are so many pairs of socks that I own, that there is not enough space in my sock drawer; I really could use a sock dresser. 

When I get dressed each day, most often the first thing that I think about is what pair of socks I will wear. Socks really got my back on some days; if the day is not off to a great start, as soon as I open my sock drawer, any of my worries vanish for a moment. Okay that may be an exaggeration but you get what I'm saying! 

Specifically, all of the photos here are pictures of my Happy Socks collection. I have far more pairs of socks than this. I found out about Happy Socks brand a few years ago and I have been hooked on collecting them ever since. As I mentioned in a previous post, Happy Socks is a sock/underwear brand that was established in 2008 in Sweden. They are not easy to find in stores but I know how to and where to.

I will keep this brief, because although I have quite a connection with socks, there is only so much that I can talk about without rambling on.

I have loved socks ever since I was a wee lad. Growing up, there was one special person in my life that I looked up to and her name is Laura. A specific reason why I thought she was so cool and interesting (I still look up to her) is that you would rarely see her wear the same pair of socks twice; meaning that she had so many and wanted to treat each pair with the same amount of love. She was an inspiration to me and really opened my eyes to how many different kinds of socks there are. The difference between she and I, is that she refused to wear plain white socks while I still love plain white socks. In fact, I wear them quite often. 

Rather than putting the spot light on all pairs, here are the 3 chosen pairs:

The "Filled Optic Sock" 

The "Sprinkles Sock"

Sadly, I do not have the official name for these but I'm sure it is something cool. I have named these the "Sock-go-round" because the spiraling stripes remind me of a Merry-Go-Round.

FACT #1: Sometimes during the cold seasons, I will even wear two pairs of socks at once. One pair that is rather thin and goes up the ankle, then a thicker pair on top. 

FACT #2: I like to wear two different pairs of socks at once. I like to mix it up a bit.

Well, until next time FAREWELL FOLKS!
You will only be seeing more.

All images digitally photographed by me.