Pisces #23

Pisces #23

By Elizabeth Kabakjian

Okay so, I have an announcement to make: I'M GOING TO GET MY HAIR CUT. I am probably going to cry when my long hair is gone but, I feel ready for a change. What do you think? 




Well.. I'm 23 now. My birthday was Sunday, March 6th and I couldn't have asked for it go any better. I am grateful for my wonderful friends and family. But, if Blink 182 is right, nobody is going to like me while I'm 23.

However, Kristen has my back. She mailed me a lovely birthday package that had arrived the day after, and it made my Monday pleasant and sweet. Inside the package was a letter that she wrote, describing each thing that was inside. While she was recently in town, we were having a conversation and somewhere in that conversation after she asked me how I felt about my birthday coming up, I remember feeling indifferent and saying "I don't know but.. nobody likes you when you're 23!" purposely quoting Blink 182. We both laughed.  
I put together a collage of pieces from her package that I saved because they have special meaning to me. One of my favorite parts was where she wrote "I'll still like you when you're 23." on the back of the envelope that a card came in. It made me smile.


Yesterday I had the day off from work and I spent it doing a mix of relaxing, laying outside in my hammock, playing with Effie the cat, getting things done, and wearing loose comfy clothes. These jeans are one of my "go to" pairs that I have had for at least 7 years. They are Abercrombie & Fitch from New York, and I consider them vintage A&F jeans. They have giant holes in both knees that I accidentally left out in each image. I have always really liked their baggy fit, and although I am not a shopper of Abercrombie, I will not allow that to get in the way of my love for these jeans. 

Secret: 5 1/2 years ago, Abercrombie & Fitch was my very first job. It kind of just..happened!

This 100% soft cotton, coral colored t-shirt has been a part of my wardrobe for 4 years now. It is a Truly Madly Deeply brand shirt from Urban Outfitters, and although I don't wear it often, I still love it. I have always really liked Truly Madly Deeply clothing because it is so simple, yet edgy and elegant. They are a UO exclusive brand; it was designed for Urban Outfitters clothing lines. I recommend checking them out if you're interested. Then as you can see, a pair of my black cotton "bikini" style Calvin Klein undies. CK is my top favorite underwear line, hands down.

Some days, as time is going by and the world is growing older - I think back on my childhood, and how things are so different now. I was going through some of my old writings, from when I was younger and I decided to share one that I wrote in November of 2010. There are several grammatical errors but c'mon, I was a kid! Even though 2010 was not an extremely long time ago, things have certainly changed between then and now.

"Things have changed more than they have not changed. I miss the days that my siblings and I were all home-schooled and spent every moment of every day together. Even though we would often times get in silly arguments and pick on one another, I still miss every bit of it. I miss eating dinner as a family every night. I miss when my mom or dad would yell to us out the front door, "Come inside and wash your hands! It's time for dinner." And depending on how hungry we were was how quickly we followed mom or dads instruction. I never thought I'd say this, but, I miss the times we would be asked to help set the table for dinner, and then once we were finished with dinner, to clear off the table and clean up. I miss the loud purring sound of my dad's old Suburban truck engine driving up the court after work, then one of us kids saying "Dad's home!" and we all ran out the front door to see him. I miss the late nights when mom or dad would read us a story book. I miss having "time-outs". I miss the long summer nights when my parents would take all of us on walks through the golf course, talking and laughing, running through the sprinklers, and just having a good time. I miss the days when my mom would take us kids out with her to run all of her errands. I miss shopping for toys, and wanting nothing but toys for my birthday and for Christmas. I miss all of the bike rides and fort building, late nights and lazy mornings. I miss the days when we had few television channels and DVD players were not yet invented. I miss waking up early to watch our favorite Saturday morning shows. I miss all of the hours that my sister and I would spend in our room, playing with our Barbies and baby dolls; along with the times that my two brothers would barge into our room with their armed G.I.Joe dolls in camouflage jeeps. Sometimes, if my sister and I had a really good Barbie story line going, at night time when everyone was in bed and we were suppose to be asleep, we would quietly get out of our beds to continue playing Barbies. We would put a towel or blanket at the bottom edge of our closed bedroom door to keep any light from shining out from underneath. I miss seeing my younger brother being fed in his high chair and sitting in a car seat. I miss all of our family trips or vacations. There is so much more I can say that I miss. Though, most of all, I miss my big sister. It was the day that I ran into the living room and asked her to come play Barbies with me, and she stayed sitting on the couch watching television and said "Maybe later." when I realized that my sister was growing up. My life is not the way it used to be. We are all growing up so fast; my life is zooming by like a race car on the track. We don't eat dinner as a family together anymore. We don't even take trips all of us together. We don't have time-outs anymore. Mom or dad doesn't yell out the front door to us that it is time for dinner. My mom doesn't take us all to run her errands with her. None of us are home-schooled anymore. Mom or dad don't read story books to us, no one runs out the front door to see my dad anymore, and I don't remember when the last time is that as a family we took a walk through the golf course. We all have our own lives now. And whether or not I will admit it, my life will never be the same. And whether I like it or not, my generation is coming to an end. But all of my memories through my life will stay with me forever."

I left out some parts from the original, just to keep it a little shorter and to not confuse the reader what I was writing about. I do not claim this to be extravagant writing, I just enjoy writing what moods or emotions I feel in a moment of time. While life moves on and things change, I will always remind myself that change is good. Memories are created for a reason and that reason is so that we can carry them with us for as long as we live, or as long as our will desires. I wouldn't take back anything that has happened throughout my life, nor would I want anything to have gone a different way. I am a pretty negative minded person, but I live each day with the strong belief that everything happens for a reason. I have a perspective that see's that we each have a purpose and a plan. We are meant to live and to allow out spirits to be free. Time cannot be stopped or controlled. We must take life as it comes at us, and to not give up our fights. 

I'm looking forward to what this year has in store. There is a sense of freshness in the air, and positive change on the way. 
Growing older is bittersweet, while each day given is a gift. Nobody ever said that life was easy, but that is no reason not to cherish it.

P.S. I was wearing two different pairs of socks. 

Until next time, farewell folks!

All images digitally photographed by me.