Spring Scarves

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As spring is around the corner I've already switched up my regular scarves for my 'spring scarves', lightweight scarves that still bring a little warmth. A scarf is a really simple way to bring life to a simple ensemble. I used two of my scarves for this post. The scarf collection started after trying out a bandana during a Lala shoot. After wearing the bandana for the images I realized I really wanted more to choose from. Since deciding to start a collection I've noticed that they're circulating as another trend, which is making it's way back around and I'm happy to embrace.

The quickest way to update your closet without breaking the bank is thrifting. Kaitlyn (Style Inspiration: Kaitlyn Rose) met up with me to explore Winston-Salem for thrifting opportunities. Our last stop ended at a thrift store with a one day sale, all clothes $1.00. Perfect timing. I only grabbed one shirt for the sale price, but there were a ton of scarves and they were all under $1.00. You can find a lot of new mini square scarves online right now and they start at around $12.00. I paid $5.00 and some change for a shirt and 5-6 scarves. Prettttttty good deal. I jokingly told my mom that one of them might be a table napkin and another a handkerchief, but it doesn't matter to me because I have started a 'spring scarf' collection for under $5.00.

I feel rather Tookish in them, like Bilbo Baggins setting off on his first journey in J.R.R. Tolkein's, The Hobbit (one of my favorite books). Or maybe it's Sam + Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom. Scarves are a nice touch and a bit of an adventurous one at that. 

Scarf: Calvin Klein

Shirt: Forever 21 

Shorts: Levi's  

Shoes: Antonio Melani

Scarf: Yellow Square Bandana (thrifted)

Shirt: Cloth & Stone 

Shorts: BDG

Shoes: Steve Madden



Much love,