Embroidered Bomber

The Embroidered Bomber is something that I kept seeing on style blogs. If you're a follower of a few blogs you know that this was a trend being heavily reported. I thought it was really interesting; I'm no style guru, right, but where the 'f' were people even buying embroidered bombers? I've definitely seen plain bombers in Forever 21 among other places, but an embroidered one, not so much. I didn't really know if I cared so much for the new trend or the idea of wearing an oversized bomber. I contemplated making one that was all my own via d.i.y. or purchasing one from Girrlscout, but hers are temporarily sold out. If you google, 'embroidered bomber,' they are pretty pricey right now. I think the best place to search might be Etsy or try to create your own embroidered bomber starting with a plain one. I tried that myself, but all of the plain bombers that I found in forever 21 were just a tad too big for my taste. 

Of course after ending my search, like true thrift store magic, it appears and priced at only $5.00. Floral and pretty, perfect for Spring. I paired it with this Daisy patterned dress because I was actually wearing it when I tried on the jacket. I love the floral on floral combination. The dress with a repetitive daisy pattern (from Forever 21) and the jacket with it's one glorious design. It's so stinkin' cute.

This jacket is made by 'K-Scion.' I tried to look them up to share with you all, but alas it's a store or was a store in Los Angeles and I don't think they exist anymore. A few of their vintage (not that old) pieces are on sale online, but not many. They're also not nearly as interesting as this jacket. Sorry. Most of their clothes look like early 2000 styles for young women. I'm not going to lie, I thought this jacket was like a kid's jacket from the 80's, but theres no way of knowing and it fits me loosely. So, you know, whatever and HOORAY. It's pretty unique and I look forward to sharing the ways I'll pair it outside of this one ensemble. 

Much love, 



Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: K-Scion, thrifted
Metallic Flats:  Gap

EDIT: http://www.refinery29.com/silk-bomber-jackets