26 style facts of 26 year old me

Forever 21 Skirt Antonia Melani Loafers French Connection Turtle Neck
Photos taken by  @hadleyydd

Photos taken by @hadleyydd

>> 26 style facts of 26 year old me  

  1. The weird will never stop. When I wore this outfit to Ikea a lady pulled her friend aside to point at me. Good or bad I'm not sure, but this outfit is potentially a great example of how the weird will never stop
  2. I'm definitely still insecure at 26 and question my style choices regardless of how much I love them.
  3. I'll always love floral prints, sucker for daisies. 
  4. I've never been big on neon colored clothing. I've always been more of an earth tone kind of person.
  5.  I've been told that I look like a grandmother in cardigans, but that won't ever stop me from loving cardigans. What's so bad about grandma? 
  6. I typically feel a little guilt about leather products, but still buy them anyways. I'm terrible.
  7. This skirt is from Kaitlyn and Kimchi Blue, thank you Kaitlyn and Kimchi Blue. 
  8. I've blogged this French Connection turtle neck several times.
  9. There are two reasons that I wear knee high socks: 1. extra warmth when I don't want to wear pants, 2. to cover up when I don't feel like shaving. 
  10. Leather loafers feel like a peace offering from the shoe gods.
  11. My self portraits in strange outfits date back to 2002, when I was 12. I took them with my HP point and shoot camera that had a screen approximately 1x1 in. I still have it.
  12. I'm currently on the hunt for a ripped, cotton, flowing white skirt to re-create my first ever style self portrait.
  13. I chose to wear something fun the day before my birthday and then spent my entire birthday in a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt, Forever 21 sweatpants, no make-up, and no bra. It was pretty great. 
  14. I was the last person to get ready at my 21st birthday party and I ended up looking like I hadn't slept in three days while wearing a very nice floral dress, a fedora, and moccasins that smelled like the tired feet inside them.
  15. I love looking at extravagant ball gowns and wedding dresses from the runway and red carpet, but I don't know that I could ever incorporate that into my 9-5. Le sigh.
  16. I am slightly obsessed with all of the colorful skirts, shirts and dresses by Chloé, but that's not going to happen anytime soon (expensive).
  17. I still wear my band t-shirts from high school even though they have holes in the armpits.  
  18. I personally feel like Instagram is killing clothing trends before they've even started. Which results in quick trends and cheaply made clothes. 
  19. I'm not really a brand person, more a quality person, but they typically are closely correlated. 
  20. I was an emo / punk kid in high school, but I still made it onto the style page in the yearbook. Forever a proud moment. 
  21. I always roll my eyes when I remember how my siblings and I were picked on at school for wearing shell toe adidas and then six months later everyone had a pair; now they're back, AGAIN. 
  22. I didn't start thrifting until I couldn't afford new clothes, rent is expensive, but now I'm never turning back.
  23. I have a few really awesome belts with large decorative belt buckles, but I'm always afraid of wearing them. I once wore a large red belt around my waist, over a black and white striped shirt and it earned me the nickname, "the champ," for an entire year. 
  24. You'll probably never catch me in athletic wear because I'm not athletic. I try, but it never lasts.
  25. I am pro-outfit repeating comfortable outfits. 
  26. I've been all about my mom jeans lately. 


Thanks to everyone for all of the awesome birthday wishes! 

Much love, 



Turtle Neck >> French Connection 

Skirt >> Kimchi Blue 

Knee High Socks >> Forever 21

Leather Loafers >> Antonio Melani