#WCW - Katie Valach

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style varies day to day and is overall pretty laid back - it ranges from floral feminine styles to cutoff tees and ripped jeans. Typically, I dress for comfort but still try to include things that liven up my outfit a bit like a cool necklace or an interestingly patterned top.


What are your staple items? Is there something that you couldn't live without?

My staple items change with the seasons, so for summer I love high-waisted skirts and shorts with a crop top. I also basically live in these Lucky Brand brown ankle boots I have – they’re so comfortable and so perfectly scuffed up I wear them year-round. My last staple item is this oversized navy-blue knit sweater that I tend to bring with me everywhere.


Are there any inspirations for your style?

I’ve always admired by older sister’s sense of style. She’s two and a half years older than me so we were always able to share clothes growing up which was great. Recently I’ve also been influenced by some bloggers I found through YouTube like Arden Rose or Samantha Maria.


What do you feel most comfortable wearing?

In the summer I’m most comfortable wearing jeans and a tank top or knee-length dresses so I don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone.


What are your favorite brands/stores?

As annoying as it sounds, some of my favorite things in my wardrobe came from thrift stores, so if that counts than that’d be number one. I also like shopping at places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls because they have a bit of everything for really affordable prices.


What accessories do you always seem to pair with your outfits? (watches, etc.)

I tend to wear a necklace almost every day, and I also like wearing a watch and some fun rings if I feel like adding something more to an outfit.


What advice do you have for other people that would like to achieve a similar style? 

If someone wanted to achieve a similar style, the only advice I’d have to give is just wear what you feel like wearing that day. I feel like I’m still learning to really just worry about what I want to wear and try not to concern myself with other people’s opinions.


Do you have any style icons?

I don’t feel like I have any style icons since I have such a varied style right now, but I really enjoy seeing what those two bloggers I mentioned earlier, Arden Rose and Samantha Maria, wear day to day.


Is there a favorite color that you always end up incorporating into your outfit? (i.e. you always end up wearing a lot of black or blue)

I tend to go for navy blue as my default, and of course plenty of black but I also try to work in yellows and brighter colors when I can, especially in the summer.


If we could go through your family photos and see a photo documentary of your style phases, which style phase would be the most embarrassing? We’ve all had them!

My most embarrassing style phase was definitely ages 10-12, when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I just tried to do so many things at once – I’d wear butterfly clips in my hair, and a black choker necklace with whistle pants and a regular t-shirt. So many things happening at once and none of them going together made for some exceptionally cringe-worthy outfits.