Day Dreamer

Epic Belt from Thrift Store

Epic Belt from Thrift Store

Day Dreamer

^ (Literally on repeat) ^ 

Refining my search for clothes has been as much a necessity as it has been a new found choice. So many inexpensive products are being pumped out of the well oiled machine that is the ready made fashion industry. The choices are never ending, so much to the point that it occasionally gives me anxiety. 

Condensing my options and suspending my purchasing was not an easy task. Thanks to packing up and moving a couple of times in my life, both had to take place. Moving forced me to narrow down pieces that I really, really wanted to keep. Then realizing that I didn't have as much space  as I needed for what I opted for, once again forced me to narrow my options even further. It was a painful experience at first. I had kept a lot of goodies from over the years and I still fit in them. Basically zero of the keepsakes were well-made pieces, but that didn't matter to me. I am being of sentiment. 

Coming to terms with minimalism is not something that is going to be easy nor is it going to include a million monochrome pieces of clothing. I think that in choosing between all of my clothes and narrowing them down twice I found that 1) Quality matters when you're thinking long term and 2) I better really love it or it's going to have to go.  

All of this has changed the way that I purchase clothes, a lot. I no longer look for and must have that cheap shirt that I saw online. I want that quality piece that's reminiscent of a different time and tied to me with sentimental value. So, so sappy I know. 

This Free People dress was a birthday gift from me to me with love. Not actually, but only a few days after my birthday I saw this dress on their website and was taken with it. 

It reminds me of a short sleeved shirt that I had and wore almost every day in the seventh grade. I wore it to a school dance and I danced with a boy that I had a crush on for a very long time. I remember the outfit because it made me feel free and pretty. It was my favorite article of clothing and that day was a favorite day. I repeated the outfit to feel confident and lucky, over and over again. 

Silly, but it's something I think that we all do. 

While I don't want the dress to help me recall the moment, I did fall in love with dress for reminding me of one of the first pieces of clothing that I couldn't wear enough. It's definitely a style that's true to the day dreaming, tree climber that I was and  am. 

Much love,




Dress: Not the exact same, but Free People has a boat load of options similar to this dress.