#MCM Style Inspiration: Spencer K. M. Brown


#MCM Style Inspiration: Spencer K. M. Brown


Novelist, short-story writer. 


IG: @spencerkmbrown


Three Random Facts About Spencer:

1) I read about a book a week,

2) my favorite movie is The Natural,

3) I used to be a Chinese food delivery boy and they called me Scott cause they didn't know how to pronounce my name.


Interview Questions

1. When It Comes To Clothing, How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

I’m not too sure really. I suppose I grew up idolizing the Beat poets, so I’m sure that’s in there somewhere.

2. What Are Some Of Your Staple Items? Is There Anything That You Just Couldn't Live Without?

Live without? Not sure I think about it that way, but I do know I love my robe. I write in it every morning. I also have this sweater that is the most comfortable sweater in the world. Probably that.

3. When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Are Some Things That Go Through Your Head To Help You Decide What To Throw On For The Day?

Basically if it’s clean enough that will do it. But it all depends on what I have to do. I tend to mismatch most of the time, wear clothes a few days in a row, but no one seems to notice.

4. Do You Have Any Inspirations For Your Style? If So, Let's Hear It! If Not, Then Tell Us What You're Wearing Right Now. (Feel Free To Answer Both)

Being comfortable is mostly the only inspiration. I don’t own a thing that’s not comfortable. What’s the point of buying something just for looks? I never understood that anyway.

5. What Are Some Items Of Clothing That You Feel The Most Comfortable Wearing?

One time I wore a tie-dye shirt and ripped jeans to a what I thought was a house party but turned out to be a formal black tie wine tasting event. They took my six-pack of PBR from me and I got a few strange looks, but was I comfortable? Absolutely.  

6. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Brands/Designers/Stores?

Elevatedweirdo. Go look him up.

7. What Advice Do You Have For Other Guys/Gals That Would Like To Achieve A Similar Style?

Don’t try. Just go with your gut. Most of the time it’s right. If not, then at least you know for next time.

8. Is There A Color That You Most Usually End Up Incorporating Into Your Outfit? Whether It Be Intentional Or Non Intentional (I.E. You Always End Up Wearing A Lot Of Black Or White)

Blue and brown.

9. If We Could Go Through Your Family Photos And See A Photographic Documentary Of Your Style Phases, Which Style Phase Would Be The Most Embarrassing? We've All Had Them!

I’m not really one to get embarrassed, but my favorite style would probably be the 90’s neon colors I somehow always wore as a kid. Can never have too many bright colors like that.

10. What’S Your Favorite Season To Dress For?

I love autumn and winter and summer and spring.

Post and Photographs by: Kristen M. Bryant

Much Love.