#WCW Style Inspiration: Skylar McGhee


#WCW Style Inspiration: Skylar McGhee

@winstonflowerco // @lousmom

Photographs by Kristen M. Bryant


Interview Questions:

1. When It Comes To Clothing, How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

I would describe my personal style as 'girl who loves fashion but is really lazy and has always gotten lucky at the thrift store' (my best friend seconds this)

2. What Are Some Of Your Staple Items? Is There Anything That You Just Couldn't Live Without?

Levi cutoffs, Madewell jeans and tees, black birks, classic white vans, baggy boys t-shirts, denim button ups (canadian tuxedo's 100%), these old 90's express skort dresses I thrifted and simple gold jewelry. I couldn't live without my levi's, vans and the gold and sapphire ring my aunt got me in an old jewelry shop a few years ago. 

3. When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Are Some Things That Go Through Your Head To Help You Decide What To Throw On For The Day?

I'm an art teacher, so I have two completely different wardrobes. The first thing I think about when getting dressed is whether the outfit is going to get covered by paint and charcoal that day (and if so I put on some really boring art teacher clothes...). 

4. Do You Have Any Inspirations For Your Style? If So, Let's Hear It! If Not, Then Tell Us What You're Wearing Right Now. (Feel Free To Answer Both)

My style inspirations are French women and skater boys. Oh and Joan Didion!

5. What Are Some Items Of Clothing That You Feel The Most Comfortable Wearing?

I'm most comfortable in my Levi cutoffs, a plain white t-shirt from Madewell or a black off-the-shoulder ballerina top and Birkenstock's or Vans. 

6. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Brands/Designers/Stores?

Favorite designers? Reformation, Madewell, Levi's, Rouje (although 95% of my wardrobe I've thrifted over the years!)

7. What Advice Do You Have For Other Guys/Gals That Would Like To Achieve A Similar Style?

Thrift in your free time!

8. Is There A Color That You Most Usually End Up Incorporating Into Your Outfit? Whether It Be Intentional Or Non Intentional (I.E. You Always End Up Wearing A Lot Of Black Or White)

I would say I end up in neutrals 90% of the time- black, white, nude, jean, leathers, etc.

9. If We Could Go Through Your Family Photos And See A Photographic Documentary Of Your Style Phases, Which Style Phase Would Be The Most Embarrassing? We've All Had Them!

When I was young I refused to wear pants (instead of a skirt or dress) for any event, even t-ball practice, so I wore a jean skirt to play in. The style itself isn't embarrassing, but my family still likes to make fun of me for that, so....

10. What’s Your Favorite Season To Dress For?

All except winter!

Three Random Facts About Skylar:

1. I eat french fries almost every single day of my life...

2. Full time I'm a high school art teacher (I went to Appalachian State University for studio art and arts education) but I do floral arranging on the side.

3. I'm obsessed with my long haired black cat named Lou. I found him my senior year of college and kept him (against the judgement of pretty much everyone I knew...) and he's my favorite thing.