Style Inspiration (Bloggers Edition) Interview With Tiffany

Photo Credits: Darious Smith

Photo Credits: Darious Smith

Photo Credits: Darious Smith

Photo Credits: Darious Smith

Photo Credits: Darious Smith

Photo Credits: Darious Smith

1. Where are you from and where are you living now? 

I am from Laurens, SC and I currently live in Laurens, SC. Fun, fun. Anybody want to buy me a house in Tennessee? 

2. When it comes to clothes, how would you describe your style? 

My style changes from day to day. I try to follow how I’m feeling. You can most always catch me with my denim jacket and/or vans of some sort. I love comfortable dresses some days, and some days I choose jeans, and a “nice” top. Leggings are always fun to play with when the weather permits. I absolutely love color! I also tend to love funkier prints, which I’m trying to build up in my wardrobe because it just makes me happy. Then again, there’s nothing like the feeling of a comfy t-shirt and jeans. 

3. What are some of your staple items? Is there anything that you just couldn’t live without? 

I love my denim jacket, and my vans. I couldn’t live without those items or tights and dresses. No way. 

4. How do you decide what to throw on for the day?

The weather, my mood, and the most recent style inspiration I’ve come into contact with.

5. Do you have any inspirations for your style? and what are you wearing right now? 

If I could have Jessica Day’s wardrobe from New Girl, I would be perfectly happy. Right now I am literally wearing a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sandals. Hello Friday comfort. 

6. What are some articles of clothing that you feel the most comfortable in? 

I love cardigans, they’re just amazing and easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

7. What are some of your favorite brands/designers/stores? 

While I am obsessed with clothes, I always have myself on a serious budget with shopping. So I go for the right price tag along with what I am drawn to. I don’t have a lot of brands that I like in particular, but I do love Lauren Conrad’s clothes, especially her tops, and for accessories Jessica Simpson is my favorite. When choosing which store to shop at, it just depends on what articles of clothing I’m looking for, and what style I’m trying to achieve. Forever 21 usually drives me to be more experimental, and I love their pants. Old Navy has some amazing dresses, and my favorite jeans, the Rockstar. Perfect fit. 

8. What advice do you have for other guys/gals that would like to achieve a similar style? 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with style, you never know what you could end up falling in love with. Also, wear what you want and try not to worry about what others say. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters! 

9. Is there a color that you most often incorporate into your outfit, whether it be intentional or non-intentional? 

I tend to go toward the burgundy family, and hunter green/olive shades. Oh, and navy too. 

10. If we could go through your family photos and see a photographic documentary of your style phases, which style phase would be the most embarrassing? We’ve all had them! 

Seventh grade, now that was a bad one. I hate looking at those pictures. The rest of middle school I didn’t do so bad in the style area, but seventh grade was rough. 

11. Do you have a hidden hobby? or a hobby that not everyone knows about?

I play violin and piano, and I am in love with arts and crafts of all kinds. 

12. What goals did you want to achieve for your adult self when you were five or so? 

I was pretty obsessed with Pocahontas when I was five, so I probably just wanted to be her or the yellow Power Ranger by the time I was an adult. As I got older however, I wanted to be a teacher or a pediatrician.

13. Have those goals changed? and what are they now?

While it would still be nice to be Pocahontas or a Power Ranger, my goals now are a little more realistic. I do still want to be a teacher, and continue to contribute to Seamingly, because it’s amazing. More importantly, I strive to inspire someone, somewhere, so I can sort of pay it forward from those who have inspired me. 

14. Will you tell us about a struggle, recent or not, that you’ve overcome? 

I’ve had to teach myself for years that it’s okay, and vital, that no one is the same. I’m still on this journey, but I’m trying to remember that it is important for me to always be myself and stay true to who I am as a person. The rest will fall into place!

15. Pick your poison! 

Coffee is my lifeline. 

Three Random Facts About Tiffany:

1. I have an obsession with coffee mugs.

2. Super random: I burned myself really bad in middle school; still have the scars. I got in a fight with boiling water, and it won. 

3. I was absolutely OBSESSED with the Backstreet Boys growing up. If there wasn’t a picture of Nick in my room, it was a picture of The Rock.




Love Always,


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