Personal Style with Elina Filipp

With a style that can only be seen as unique to Los Angeles and our current celebrity culture, Australian native Elina Filipp is our style goals when it comes to keeping up with the latest trending brands. Elina's closet varies from high-priced items such as her Fenty sweatpants, to super low-key pieces like her Kookai neutral tank tops. Regardless of what she wears, she has her own style down and she is ready to share it with us. Check out how to turn your wardrobe into an everyday effortless and trendy closet with some tips from the best dressed Australian we know!


C: Where are you from and where are you living now? 

E: I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia and now I’m living in Downtown, LA.


C: When it comes to clothes, how would you describe your style? 

E: Um, I would say my style is street style, and trendy towards the current times. I have a lot of fashion icons I look up to such as Rhianna and the Kardashians and I think that kind of reflects on my style.



C: What are some of your staple items? Is there anything that you just couldn’t live without? 

E: The Kookai tank tops that I have, the tan and the black, a nice pair of ripped jeans either blue denim or black, some sneakers/slides, and then a cute bomber jacket or a camo jacket.


C: Is there anything that you can’t live without?

E: My jeans.


C: What’s your favorite brand of jeans right now?

E: Probably Good American.


C: Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone who is just now buying that brand and has never tried it before?

E: Yeah, I would suggest going into Nordstrom to try them on because I’ve got two pairs of their jeans and one of them I am like two sizes smaller than the other. It definitely varies on the style of jeans and also it’s a better fit if you try it on in person.



C: How do you decide what to throw on for the day?

E: Good question. I guess I just see what I’m in the mood for, am I going to wear jeans, or am I going to be even more comfortable in my sweatpants or do I want to dress up a bit look cute by wearing a skirt? It really depends on my mood, maybe if I’m going somewhere afterwards and what I’m doing. If we’re going out, I want to be comfortable in heels that I can still walk in so probably more practical, but stylish and cute at the same time.



C: What are some articles of clothing that you feel the most comfortable in like types of clothing? 


E: I kind of brushed on this earlier but sweatpants or comfortable jeans. Also, to me, comfortable means being confident in them. I want it to be that level of comfortable. I think I like tight things as well because I feel like more often than not that makes me feel comfortable, if that makes sense?


C: What are some of your favorite brands/designers/stores? 

E: I really like Kookai for basic, cute type stuff and neutral colors. Working at Urban Outfitters, I’ve been exposed to so many brands from there so I love a lot of the styles and brands that we carry. I love Top Shop because they have really great jeans and basics. And then I love a lot of online brands such as Misguided, dru hoos (like a cheaper version of Misguided). And for swimwear I really like Myra swim.


C: What advice do you have for other guys/gals that would like to achieve a similar style? 

E: I would say just have your staples in your wardrobe that you’ll buy and you can re-wear in so many different ways. So a couple of neutral colored tank tops, a couple of different styles of jeans, and just everything that you can wear a couple of different ways to match with each other. A denim skirt, a couple of light jackets, all things very versatile that you can have fun with from day-to-day.

C: Is there a color that you most often incorporate into your outfit, whether it is intentional or non-intentional? 

E: I feel like I’m getting a little bit into color a lot recently. I feel like I’m into the bright orange, which I never used to wear I used to just be strictly neutrals, so I like to play around with that and red, and also a little black too when I’m feeling scandalous.


C: If we could go through your family photos and see a photographic documentary of your style phases, which style phase would be the most embarrassing? We’ve all had them! 

E: Probably when I was a tween. I was all into Von Dutch, like the trucker cap with a pink tank top, and a little frilly skirt with flip-flops. I thought it was so cool.



C: If you have a picture of that I would love to have that for the blog.

E: I’ll see if my parents still have it. Not promising anything though.


C: Do you have a hidden hobby? Or do you have a hobby that not everyone knows about?

E: I don’t know necessarily if no one knows about it, but I love doing makeup. I’m really passionate about that. I love collecting makeup and trying different styles out. I look forward to getting ready because I love doing my face and doing other people’s makeup too.


C: Kind of like your style, you like to be up on the times.

E: Thanks, gorgeous.

C: What goals did you want to achieve for your adult self when you were younger? 

E: When I was younger, I really wanted to be an actress back in the day, and now its kind of shifted more to being behind the camera. It’s always been a goal to work in the entertainment industry in some kind of aspect, I always dreamed that I would be living in America, but I didn’t ever think it would become a reality. So that is pretty cool. But yeah, to just be successful, happy, have a dog and kids one day, all that.

C: All the normal stuff.

E: Oh yeah.

C: Will you tell us about a struggle, recent or not, that you’ve overcome? 

E: I guess with the whole style thing, in high school I wasn’t that confident because I was always bigger and taller than everyone. Now I am way more comfortable in my skin, and I don’t compare myself to others as much and I own what I have and how I wear things because other girls can’t show off their body like I can Stuff like that.


C: What do you think made you more positive?

E: I think just with age you grow in confidence. Also, the shift in celebrity culture with having curvaceous girls being in, as opposed to girls like Paris Hilton really helped me be more positive about myself.


C: Pick your poison.

E: Reality T.V.


C: Your favorite show?

E: The Kardashians! That’s so obvious. You already know. I sound like such a basic but…


C: I mean kind of, but not really. There’s a reason why you like the Kardashians so much, that kind of helped with your self-esteem and how you see yourself. You can relate.

E: Yeah, true. You’re so right!


C: Well, that’s all I’ve got for you. Thank you so much for the insight into your style. You really do rock it so well.

E: Thank you, gorgeous!



First Photoset:

Kookai (Australian brand) nude tank top, Good American jeans, camo jacket from Kanye's pop up store and heels from Forever 21

Second Photoset:

NBA sweater Urban Outfitters, black denim shorts from Topshop (they were jeans and I cut them), black knee high heels from Public Desire

Third Photoset:

Oversized orange Death Row longsleeve tee and BDG denim skirt both from Urban Outfitters

Final Photoset:

Fenty pants, Juicy Couture jacket from Urban Outfitters, Myra swim brown bikini bandeau, Adidas NMDs from Urban Outfitters


Nail bar and beauty lounge @philglamournails in Beverly Hills, CA


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