Five Perfect One-Piece Suits for your Pear Shaped Summer Body.

Photos by Pedro Garcia

So I am a girl in a unique position when it comes to swim season: I've got a big butt, but absolutely nothing going on up top. I feel like being a pear shape isn't the worst thing in the world. Like, for example, at least I have a shape. BUT, it has taken me years to be comfortable in my own body. When I was younger, I constantly felt like I had to compete with all the other girls that are better off up top, and in doing so I felt uncomfortable in my own body. Even worse than that, I felt like I was never good enough to wear what I wanted to the beach.



I'm 25 this year. With that, I realized a lot of things about myself that I never really paid attention to before I hit a quarter of a century in age. For example, I might not have the biggest chest, but I do have the biggest laugh. And some swimsuits may fit a little strangely up top, but most of the time they fit really well down below. I'm finally at that point in my life where I've accepted that this is my face, this is my height, this is my skin tone, this is my body- and I couldn't be happier. I can modify certain things like hair color, and weight, but for the most part this is me- crooked tan lines and all.

The hunt was on this year. I was DETERMINED to find one-pieces that look cute on my body, DETERMINED to write a post about one pieces for the people with not-so-typical body types, and most of all DETERMINED to be comfortable in my own body. Well, let's cross comfort off that list because I hit that nail on the head earlier this year.

So, I went and shopped one piece swimsuits, and here we are a couple of months later. Each swimsuit I chose for this post is loosely based off of a general type of person I thought would like to wear it. After I chose the suits, I tried each swimsuit on and formed my opinion based on how well the suit fit after I ran around in it, bent over in it, climbed in it, and generally acted like a large child. Generally, each suit fits someone with a big booty, and small chest (i.e. someone shaped like me), but most of these suits would look good on anyone (just make sure you try them on before you swim in them).

In the end, I found five stellar one-pieces that I think you guys should try.


#1- 80's Throwback Time After Time One Piece (in Flamingo Pink)- $122

First on the list: your 80's throwback one piece for those of you who are in with the Baywatch trend this summer. 

I absolutely loved this suit! It 100% looks a little like it's going up my butt in the back, but after I tested it I realized that this is the perfect suit for running on the beach in the heat of summer. The material is made out of something called SMUSH SMUSH (quoted from Bodyglove), which means this suit super lightweight, breathable, stretchy and quick to dry.

I loved running around in this thing, and noticed it didn't move an inch when I acted like a wild child. If you're into water sports, I think this is the one piece for you.

*Bonus Points: This suit sucks in everything. The best part is any bloated belly you're experiencing after lunch will be sucked up so you can have more fun in the sun without worrying what's hanging out on the sides.


#2- Tie Dye Dazed One Piece Swimsuit-


Second on the list: your clutch tie dye swimsuit to satisfy your inner hippie.

The colors in this swimsuit are amazing! I love how this looks with my skin tone, and I think this is one of the cutest swimsuits I picked for this style post. This suit comes from Billabong, which means it's made for active use in the water. I also liked how stretchy this suit was, and the high sides on the hips. It made this suit fit my form perfectly instead of making me look like one giant box.

Now since this suit isn't as stiff as the last one, that means when you move, it moves. So any bending over or squatting will take this suit right with all your curves.

*Bonus Points: The adjustable straps. With most one pieces these days, the straps don't move, but these do! Major points in my book because that means whether you have no boobs, or some boobs, this suit will fit you like a glove.


#3- Op For UO Graphic One-Piece Swimsuit-


Third on my list: your little white one piece.

I scoured the one piece world for a white swimsuit, and Ocean Pacific delivered. I wanted one that was still sporty, so I opted for this pretty standard cut one piece that fits like a glove. One of my favorite parts of summer is getting a tan, and a tan + a white swimsuit = goddess status. I think the only thing that would have made this a better look would be if it was just plain white (to let your tan really shine through). Also, WHO CAN BEAT THIS PRICE???

*Bonus Points: It's not see-through. This swimsuit may be white, but you can't see anything through it (thank goodness).


#4- Out From Under Marian Mermaid One-Piece Swimsuit- $79

Fourth on the list: your perfect black swimsuit.

Everyone needs it, and I found it. Just a simple, black one piece that still makes you feel 100% like a boss lady. If I could style this on anyone, I would give this swimsuit to my cousin, who has a two year old son, and style her with a lightweight cover-up with a huge floppy straw hat. This is the perfect suit for a mom who is constantly running around after her little one, wants something simple, yet classy, and still wants to look fly in front of the rest of the family because having a baby doesn't mean you can't look good doing it. 

*Bonus Points: The accents. This swimsuit is so cute because it's got mesh sides, and the cutest little wavy straps that flow over the shoulder. 


#5- Somedays Lovin Hibiscus One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit- 69.99

Last, but not least: your unique cutout one piece.

I saved the best for last on this one. So yes, this is not your traditional one piece, but it is so comfy and cute on, that it ended up being #1 on my list. The soft pink color is beautiful, and I love the uniqueness because of the cutouts and the one shoulder strap. I've never worn anything like this, and maybe that is the reason why I love it so much. This suit definitely made me feel the most confident out of all the ones I picked out. Issa favorite.

*Bonus Points: The one shoulder strap. Usually one shoulder straps give you kind of a normal boob, and then a lumpy boob, but this one shoulder fit perfectly on me!


Christine Severin