Three Ways I Style My Favorite White Tee

Photos by Nori Rasmussen 

Recently, I discovered the light-weight, cropped white utility tee from The Rogue Collective that is PERFECT for summer. Why? I can wear this tee styled various ways, the how always depending on my mood.

Some days I feel more girly than others. I'll throw on my white tee with a light slip over it. Other days I want to be comfortable, so I'll throw on my joggers paired with the same crop top. And then, there are days when I just want to rock out a pair of black skinnys with black boots, and a plain white tee.

 So I put together a little article highlighting three different looks that are perfect for this specific plain white tee.

OUTfit 1- GOOD N Girly 

I wouldn't say I am the girliest girl on the face of the planet: I enjoy a full face of makeup, I have a conservative taste when it comes to jewelry, and I get acrylics whenever there's a special occasion to pay for a full set. BUT I do get in those moods where my style reflects something that could be defined as girly, like when I want to wear a slip in the middle of the day and make it seem completely casual instead of acknowledging the fact that I am wearing a slip in the middle of the day

I feel like you are all aware of the fashion trend started last year that pairs plain tees under slips, while rocking your favorite pair of heels (honestly I think this trend may have started with the Kardashian clan). For the longest time I have been searching for the perfect plain white tee to fit under my slips and let me tell you THE STRUGGLE HAS BEEN REAL.

I have been wearing a very old tee I think I've had since 8th grade, but it served its purpose when it comes to a grungy, more rugged look wearing slips (grungy because the shirt is literal grunge due to age). I opted for this plain white tee from The Rogue Collective because I wanted something simple and clean that, styled with a slip, matched the look I was trying to create. I think this tee is the perfect fit!


OUTFIT 2- Comfortably Cool

Honestly, I know I wear this outfit combo the most out of all three looks. There's just something about wearing joggers that screams, "I LOVE BEING COMFORTABLE, BUT ALSO STYLISH. GET AT ME!"

I've had this same pair for years (bless you Target, you've got some real gems). I usually pair my joggers with an oversized band tee and my high top converse, BUT it is just too hot to have all that extra clothing sticking to my body. I wear this outfit when it's too hot to care, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I'm a busy lady, and sometimes I don't have time to mull over a new outfit combo before I run out the door. My joggers are dependable, comfy, and they fit me well, so I know I can walk out the door in them and be alright.

I opted to style this tee with my joggers because I knew both items were light-weight, and cool for the summer. Plus, I LOVE how the crop top peeps my stomach (I've been doing this new ab workout that is really paying off). For the summer, this is the perfect combo to keep me cool while I'm running around all over LA.


OUTFIT 3- Dangerously Hot

Sometimes, I feel like a total badass

My power suit for that particular mood is a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans, a white tee, and my black boots. Seems simple enough right? It's my go-to outfit when I need to show someone I am the boss.

Wearing basics gives me a solid foundation for my personality to really shine through in an outfit. Details in outfits tend to say a lot about a person so, when I want the world to pay attention to just me, I pull out my basics.

I opted for this cropped tee from The Rogue Collective to complete my power suit because not only is it the perfect length for anything high-waisted, but it goes well with the "badass" vibe I'm here to create. The tee is simple, yet looks amazing on and I am in looooooove.


If you've never shopped The Rogue Collective I advise giving the website a look through, or checking out their instagram (all links are located in the buttons below). If you're an in-person type of shopper, then just stop by the shop! Located 305 S. Hewitt St, DTLA in the Arts District. 





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Christine Severin