Summer's Last Look: The Rogue Collective

Photos by Nori Rasmussen

It's been a looooong summer. And I'm sure you guys are as ready for fall as I am. The cool weather, the changing of the leaves, pumpkin pie, curling up in a blanket on the couch while sipping on a hot cup of apple cider... the list goes on and on.


I recently wrote a piece on Three Ways I Style My Favorite White Tee featuring the most puuuuuurfect white tee from a shop in Downtown Los Angeles called The Rogue Collective. When I was down there, I also had a chance to check out Rogue Collective's latest Capsule Collection. The collection has such fun pieces, it inspired me to style some of them so you guys can see what's available before summer ends!

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Women's Utility Tee in charcoal- $74



Women's City Walker Pant in ash grey- $148



First- THE end of world, kick ass fit

At first glance, this may seem like a strange title for a fit, but hear me out on this one. I call this my End of World, Kick Ass fit because:

1) Everything I'm wearing is light-weight and breathable. 

It's made of the perfect material for running around on a hot summer day. Just an FYI, I was out in the desert for this shoot. It's the middle of summer. IT IS HOT OUTSIDE (were you guys here for the heat wave that just casually passed through LA). Yet, here I am wearing pants and a tee like it's fall or something.


2) If I were trying to hide in the woods from zombies, these would be the kind of woodsy colors I'd want to be wearing.

This piece is garment died and made in the United States. I am in love with how I seamlessly mold into nature, like I'm a woodland creature or something, when I wear this color. When I was a kid, I used to play hide-and-go-seek in the woods behind my house, and this would have been the perfect outfit to wear if I wanted to actually win. Too bad in the south dark colors during summertime scream sweat- so that means I was always decked out in white (or some neon color coordinated outfit) and I never won hide-and-go-seek.

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and finally

3) Don't outfits just seem 10x cooler if you wear them trying to save the world?

But really guys, in all seriousness these are some of the most comfortable joggers I've ever worn and this tee is the white version of the crop top I just wrote an article on here.

What I really love: Truly, the color of the fit. I know technically the joggers are "ash grey", but they scream of my favorite woodsy earth tones. Or now that I'm thinking about it, maybe being around the pine trees really brought out the green undertones in the clothing.

Idk. That is just 100% how I felt when I put this outfit together. Call me Christine Zombie-Slayer Severin or whatever. I'm gonna go slay some bad guys now in my cool fit.


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Second-THE Angsty School GirL fit

Women's Varsity Bomber in taupe- $198

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So school is back, but that doesn't mean style has to pay because we spend 8 hours a day in a place some would consider close to the Underworld.

I say angsty, but you don't actually need to be angsty to wear this fit. I really just named this look because in all my photos I look like a grumpy cat. Maybe it’s the thought of going back to school that puts such a look of discontent on my face. Maybe it’s just my normal RBF going on. IDK, the point is this fit is perfect for the student going back to school this month.

This bomber is so clutch because it is perfect to wear in the subzero temperature of the Antarctic classroom, but then it is also perfect for traveling outside in the heat of the Sahara desert in-between class changes. The soft pink is perfect for someone like me who, on some occasions, tends to wear a slightly preppier style, but wants it to be subtly noted. I almost never wear bright pink, ever. This bomber is the perfect in-between for my girly, yet tomboyish style.

What I really love: the light-weight material of the jacket.

This bomber was made for the heat. It comes in this pale pink and a also the cutest shade of baby blue. The jacket is made of 100% cotton, and it's unlined, which means PERFECT FOR SUMMER.

Now you may be asking: What does unlined mean?

Have you ever gotten a bomber jacket and noticed just how warm and toasty that bad boy gets you? That's because bomber jackets were originally made as American military flight jackets made for... you guessed it... American military flight pilots. So, because these jackets were made back in the day, they were made specifically to keep pilots warm when they were flying around up in the Troposphere. And since we are a country that believes: why change a good thing that isn't broken, that means the jackets made now are usually lined with some sort of material that is keeps you quite warm.

All this being said, this jacket doesn't have that lining. So whether you're going out on a date to the movies on a warm summer night, or you're sitting frigid in class contemplating if you'll make it to the next class bell, this is the perfect jacket for you.


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Third- The Trendy Soccer Mom fit

The Kate Sweaterall in grey- $86

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Okay, so traditionally soccer moms are supposed to have a blunt bob cut and drive in a white mini van, right?

I originally named this fit the Trendy Soccer Mom because as soon as I put it on, I imagined myself at the sidelines of a soccer game cheering my kid on and being the best dressed mom while doing it.

I am in no way ready to have kids, BUT if I were in the headspace (or even had a boyfriend for that matter) to even think about having kids, then I would be wearing this exact sweaterall set.

Now you may be thinking, “Christine, why on earth would I be caught dead in this fit, when as a mom I should be clad in floral dresses and sun hats?” Good question. I’ll tell you why.

Because moms are always on the go, moms need to be comfy, and moms shouldn’t have to sacrifice style because they decided to have there very own mini me.

Trendy Soccer mom. Trendy Soccer Mom.

I wanted to call this fit the Trendy Soccer Mom because I want it to be known that even though moms (or any single parent really) are running around doing what seems like 1,000 different things for their kids, and they don't have any personal time for themselves or their significant other, they don't have to look frumpy doing it. 

You are the trendy soccer mom, (or whatever sport/ group activity your kid decides to participate) and you need this easy and cute outfit to throw on when there just aren’t enough hours in the day to think... or even breathe for that matter.

What I really love: the super stretchy fit (hence the sweater material).

I'm not going to pretend that I'm a stick skinny girl. As my 10th grade high school English teacher said, "you've got the birthing hips." And yes, that is an actual quote told to me, about me, from an actual teacher. #TheSouth

But he did have a point. So, before I tried on these sweateralls I was in a bit of a dilemma. I know that because of my butt and hips skinny anything doesn't flatter me. This includes, but is not limited to: skinny jeans, leggings, skinny joggers, skinny onesies, so on and so forth. I was dreading taking photos in this fit because I thought it would make everything look unflattering and larger than life in all the wrong places. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that these sweateralls do just the opposite.

It is true that these sweateralls are fitted around the bum, but that's just it- they're fitted, not suffocating. I didn't feel as though I had to pick out a wedgie after every step I took when I walked. I was also pleased to find that the middle of this fit is secured with an elastic band that really accentuates smaller waists. So while the bottom half shows off my cute butt, the waist is also seen because of the middle waistband.

The top half of the sweateralls are great too because they're adjustable. So if you're like me, or just a little bit bustier then you can adjust the top to whatever you need so that you look as fit and cool as possible.

Welcome to the cool mom club.


More Pics From the shoot:


If you've never shopped The Rogue Collective I advise giving the website a look through, or checking out their instagram (all links are located in the buttons below). If you're an in-person type of shopper, then just stop by the shop! Located 305 S. Hewitt St, DTLA in the Arts District. 

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