#WCW Style Inspiration: Hannah McKeel

#WCW Style Inspiration: Hannah McKeel

Instagram: @_mckeely @_photomckeely

By: Elizabeth Kabakjian

Wanna know three things about Hannah that were a secret until this blog post? Okay maybe not a secret, but in a way because you didn't find out until just now. Here are three random facts about Hannah that I asked her to share with us, as a way of introducing this pleasant gal.


  • You could have made a cartoon character out of me when I was younger! I wore a back brace in middle school and early highschool, I was homeschooled, I had red hair, and braces. But I loved every bit of it <3 
  • I weave! Like with yarn and a loom and I make woven wall hangings.
  • I have worked a minimum of 5 jobs at one time since I was 17. They have changed over the years but I'm consistently working about 5 different jobs all the time!

1. When it comes to clothing, how would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is definitely a includes elements of classic, East North American prep, and bohemian. (Such a random combination, I know). I ALWAYS follow these 3 fashion guidelines when paring pieces. 

  1. Pair "old" with new. This could look like pairing a vintage looking piece or jewelry item with more modern elements. 
  2. Mix patterns or textures. I am never afraid to mix bold florals with stripes or animal prints. 
  3. Masculine meets feminine. I love taking more masculine articles (such as a boxy tee) and adding them into an outfit with feminine pieces (like skinny jeans and a statement necklace)

2. What are some of your staple items? Is there anything that you just couldn't live without?
I love brown leather. In the winter, brown leather ankle boots. In the summer, brown leather strappy wedges. Brown leather band watches and brown leather tote bags, clutches, and skinny belts. You get the picture ;) Other than that, I cannot have a closet without a simple striped tee, white jeans, or an oversized neutral sweater. 

3.When you wake up in the morning, what are some things that go through your head to help you decide on what to throw on for the day?
I check my weather app and my schedule for the day and then I think of an outfit that is both practical and cute cute cute.

4.Do you have any inspirations for your style? If so, let's hear it! If not, than tell us what you're wearing right now. (Feel free to answer both)
I am really inspired by my travels and when I am not traveling, I keep up with midwestern and northeastern bloggers, or trends in Europe, specifically the Netherlands. It's good to keep an eye on what the trends are around the world because that can influence your own style in really cool ways.

5.What are some items of clothing that you feel the most comfortable wearing?
I am extremely comfortable in heels and skinny jeans. They are simple pieces, easy to create an outfit around, and very attractive on every woman. 

6.What are some of your favorite brands/designers/stores? 
The GAP brands (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic) are my go-tos for classic and timeless pieces. Banana Republic especially has a place in my heart because it incorporates my three fashion guidelines into almost all of their looks. Forever 21 is absolutely my hook-up for accessories.

7.What accessories do you seem to most often pair with your outfits? (watches, hats, etc.)
The accessories most likely being featured on my body are long necklaces, bulky statement necklaces, wedges, my Daniel Wellington, or a wide brimmed fedora

8.What advice do you have for other gals that would like to achieve a similar style? 
Hi gals! Find some great neutral pieces, don't be afraid to mix prints, compliment with brown leather accessories, and have fun with it.

9.Is there a color that you most usually end up incorporating into your outfit? Whether it be intentional or non intentional (i.e. you always end up wearing a lot of black or white)
Grey. Army green. Navy blue. Sooooo much of those three.

10.If we could go through your family photos and see a photographic documentary of your style phases, which style phase would be the most embarrassing? We've all had them! And trust me.. I have one and I have no idea what was going on in my head during that time!
I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about my freshman year of high school when I went for a pseudo-hippie look. I had at least 25 old bracelets on my arms all at once, at least three necklaces at all times, and I wore brightly colored maxi skirts and layered multi-colored tank tops. It doesn't sound too bad but paired with an awkward choppy haircut, a bad dye job, general 14 year old awkwardness, and braces….man. *runs away covering face* 


Thank you Hannah McKeel for being our #WCW this week! 

All images digitally photographed by Elizabeth Kabakjian.

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