#WCW Style Inspiration: Kennady Kent

#WCW Style Inspiration: Kennady Kent

Instagram: @kennadylaine

By: Elizabeth Kabakjian


  • 1. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in art therapy at Converse College. This fall I will be starting my senior year and starting my internship! I truly believe being an art therapist is my calling in life. My heart swells when I see the healing effects of using art in therapy! 
  • 2. Rollerblading is my "for fun" hobby. Last August I took a trip with my boyfriend to NYC and we skated all over Manhattan and Rockaway Beach! 
  • 3. I have the biggest sweet tooth! I always have room for desert. Sour gummies are my favorite, along with any desert made with fruit...especially raspberries! 


1. When it comes to clothing, how would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as modern vintage. Some of my friends say I'm very "classic" with my choice of clothing. I like a little retro flair!

2. What are some of your staples items? Is there anything that you just couldn't live without?
Some of my staple items include many skirts, most of them are midi length. I would also say that skinny jeans are another staple (black ones are my favorite!). I don't wear any other cut. Belts are also a must, they add interest to any outfit! In cold weather, I wear leather and suede jacks most often, but my true staple is my pale blue peacoat. Last but not least, all of my silk scarves. They are so versatile! I wear them in my hair, around my waist, and even tie them on my purses! 

3. When you wake up in the morning, what are some things that go through your head to help you decide on what to throw on for the day?
When I wake up in the morning, anything can happen. Sometimes I stare at my closet and try to choose an item that I have never worn, or haven't pulled out in a long time. Then, I build an outfit from that item. Sometimes I already have specific things in mind to build on. Sometimes I dress for what I am doing that day. Otherwise, I take into consideration some of the inspiration I've had that week. When in doubt, I turn to my holy grail Pinterest boards. I always try to wear an outfit I've never put together before, unless I'm doing something very low key that calls for casual shorts and a t-shirt.

4. Do you have any inspirations for your style? If so, let's hear it! If not, than tell us what you're wearing right now. (Feel free to answer both)
My style inspirations for vintage pieces come from the source! My college has a collection of yearbooks dating back to the early 1900s. Often I'll flip through them and see what my early college sisters wore when they were my age! I also get a lot of inspiration from classic movies. The ladies in Alfred Hitchcock films of the 50s and 60s are some of my favorites! When I go to antique stores, I try to find magazines from my favorite decades to see advertisements and articles about fashion. My favorites decades are the 40s-70s. However, I am open to incorporating anything from any decade into my wardrobe if I find pieces that I love. I also utilize Pinterest and Tumblr for some of the best photos of everyday vintage ladies and their outfits. One of my favorite modern resources is Keiko Lynn and her fabulous blog. Her wardrobe and style is my dream! With all that said, I look for inspiration in hair and makeup, too. Not just clothing! 

5. What are some items of clothing that you feel most comfortable wearing?
I feel most comfortable wearing dresses and skirts, always! Also any cardigan from my arsenal of sweaters and warm weather clothing. I get chilly easily so I usually have at least one on hand in my car or wherever I am at. On my most casual days, I love wearing my Chacos. It may seem unusual from my normal get up, but I've had them forever and they are so easy to slip on! 

6. What are some of your favorite brands/designers/stores?
I almost exclusively shop second hand. Whether it be a thrift store, antique shop, or my friends' closets! I am a firm believer in recycling clothing and I try to avoid mass retailers and cheap clothing lines as much as I can. I will admit that I like Old Navy, their clothes fit me really well and I am a sucker for those printed pants! 

7. What accessories do you seem to most often pair with your outfits? (watches, hats, etc.)
As far as accessories go, I tend to keep things pretty simple. I don't wear a lot of gawky or big statement pieces, however, I do have a few sparky necklaces that I bring out on occasion. I have two rings from each or my parents that I wear daily. I feel naked without them! As mentioned before, I love vintage silk scarves and wear them when I want to add a little something extra. My hair and makeup usually end up being my accessories most often! I really enjoy styling my hair to accentuate an outfit or certain decade I feel inspired by. In doing so, I research the original methods to stay as authentic as possible. It's taken a few years, but I have become a master at setting and styling pin curls and chignons! Lipstick is also one of my favorite accessories. They range from pinky nudes, to bright pinks, oranges, and reds! I almost always have at least 4-6 tubes on or around my person at all times! 

8. What advice do you have for gals that would like to achieve a similar style?
My advice to other gals would be to stay true to the source. Be authentic and don't try to take the easy way out by settling for cheap replicas. It may take a few months to find a certain piece you are searching for, but once you stumble upon it, it is the best feeling! It also really helps to understand your own style, what looks good on you, and be able to think outside the box to be able to incorporate vintage pieces with a modern wardrobe. This takes practice and lots of trial and error! Also, don't be afraid to tailor and adjust. Just be open to taking risks and find what you like! Vintage can mean so many things and is portrayed in endless ways! I just happen to prefer a classic, feminine look. (My favorite compliment is being told I look like a pin up girl!)

9. Is there a color that you most usually end up incorporating into your outfit? Whether it be intentional or non intentional? (i.e. you always end up wearing a lot of black and white)
My most common colors are black, navy, grey, and white. In the past year or so I have been really exploring pastels and soft colors. Dusty rose pink has become one of my favorites! I think one of the reasons that I stick with basic neutrals, besides navy being my favorite color, is that it makes my outfits easier to accessorize and build on. Especially with some bold red lips! 

10. What style phase of yours can you say that you are most embarrassed or ashamed of? And trust me, I definitely have one that to this day I don't know what I was thinking! 
Hmm...embarrassing styles. The first thing that comes to mind is the "scene" phase that many of us have experienced. I used to straighten my already straight hair, wear bright colored eyeliner and those little bows, and buy those obnoxious graphic t-shirts from Hot Topic. Looking back, I think it was pretty age appropriate for my 12-13 year old self. On the first day of 3rd grade, I intentionally dressed like a member of Ravenclaw for school because I thought it was a cool look. I had knee high socks and everything! Other than that, I wore thick black eyeliner all through middle school. I don't know what I was thinking. I probably thought it made me look cool and older, but now looking back it was probably way to harsh for my adolescent face. I don't even touch liquid black eyeliner to this day because it is way to harsh of a contrast on my fair complexion. 


Thank you Kennady for being our #wcw for this week! You rock.

All images digitally photographed by Elizabeth Kabakjian