Let's Be Broken

Photo Credits: Kristen Bryant

Photo Credits: Kristen Bryant

Let’s be broken together,

       Severed pieces with no glue.

I’ll carry you as you carry me,

       That’s how we’ll make it through.

Lean on me,

        My shoulder is yours.

Life is full of heartbreaks,

        Inevitable disappointments.

But I won’t let you cave in;

        Refuse to let me runaway.

I’ll remind you of how beautiful your scars are,

        How they make you shine.

Trust me to be your pick up,

        A star in the blackest of nights.

Yes we’re broken, this we know,

        And I can’t fix you, it’s true.

Wounds that will never heal,

      We will patch them persistently.

We will always hear the music,

       No we will never let it die.

You have your ghosts,

       I have mine too.

No they won’t abandon us,

       But we can fight them together.

I want to be your soldier,

       Your hero forever through and through.

Fighting for your happiness,

       A beacon in the starless night.

At once we did collide,

      Then forward motion-- side by side.

I’ll help you find the color,

       In life’s broken gifts.

The world will crumble around us,

       Oh the demise is inevitable.

They will throw their stones,

       The sky will collapse.

But after the storm is gone,

       It still remains.

Me and you.


Tiffany Pinson