Hey, You

Photo Credits: Kristen Bryant

Photo Credits: Kristen Bryant

Hey you, yes you!

I just want you to know that you’re beautiful.

No matter your size, 

the texture of your hair, 

                        or the color of your eyes.

Whether you’ve got it all together, or coming apart at the seams. 

You may feel burned out, but still like a light –

             you’re as alluring as ever,

                                    You beam! Oh, you beam.

Are you clumsy? Forgetful? Feeling skewed? 

                        Fumbling over the path ahead; Me too! 

You’re still such a beautiful you. 

Whatever your height, your likes and dislikes, 

talents and no, 

                    let your light show!

Your blemishes and “flaws”, 

            embrace it all.

Don’t forget about your scars,

after all, they’re who you are. 

And your smile. Oh, your smile!

What a wonderful window to your soul.

And always remember the locale o­­­f that grin. 

                                    Especially when life wants to do you in.

When the future fills you up with fear,

                                    just laugh it off –

                                                 it’s not even here.

Mistake after mistake, you’ll find that you’re still not alone.

                        We’ve all known the pain, I trust you’ll move on.

And carry with caution, life’s past joys.

            Bring your best self forward –

                        Life will lead you to closure, but open a new door.

            Surely! There will be those who doubt;

They’ll tell you first -                

            what you can’t do. 

That you’ll find there are snags from your hat to your shoes.

But do not fret,   

            they’re just afraid of your spirit.

Know that you have an undeniable strength,

that scares them to the moon and backs incomprehensible length.

But never, ever, let them knock you down.

Just keep on marching – somewhere, somehow.


Then there’s only one thing that I must ask of you, 

don’t try to be anyone else - because that simply won’t do.


Poem by Tiffany Pinson