I Love Villages

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The older I get, the more I realize just how much we need community in our lives. We need family, blood related and not. It's a natural necessity, but also a concept I constantly have to remind myself of due to my sometimes all encompassing independent mindset. The vintage phrase, "It takes a village," correlates directly with the fact that everyone has unique talents that can mesh together perfectly when we allow for it. Yes, there are some instances in life where we must go into the battle alone, and come out with a necessary growing experience. I have found in those times that it was very important for me to go it alone. I needed to prove my strength to myself when I may have been doubting it's existence.

However, no matter how independent I can be, my most favorite times in life that I have been fortunate enough to live through were moments where everyone I love surrounded me. Maybe it was to celebrate happy times, finish a big project, make a move, big or small, or just to figure out life. And isn't it crazy how rough or even tragic times can remind you of the power of love? I've been sick and woken up with amazing people surrounding me, I've had people rush to my side when there was a family emergency, and I've witnessed others go out of their way just to help me. I believe that qualifies me as lucky and loved. So many times I've seen family and friends come together during times of grief and sickness. It definitely doesn't make it easy, but it's indescribably comforting when a group of people gather to share in each others' tragedy. That is the power of coming together. It's so amazing how some of the hardest times of your life become memories full of subsequent laughter and crying; hugs and comfort. That's why I love villages. So if you're not already, attach yourself to a village. Heck, attach yourself to multiple villages. It's vital. 


Disclaimer: Not all members of my village are pictured.


Love Always,


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