Why I'll love Fully



You didn't ask because you didn't know, what it was, to want to know

Something inside of me demanded that I tell you anyways, that I teach you anything

That I share my best, my worst, my everything

That I show you just who I am

As I spilled my words and wisdom onto space you put between us

I relished in the sound of my own voice

Strumming the chords of my own heart 

Flowing beautifully from me

The person I felt had broken 

Collapsed and was to never be rebuilt

A person I felt could not exist unless validated 

And as I fed myself to you in hopes that you would fall in love 

I fell in love with me too

And that's why I'll move freely 

Amongst people, places, and things

Why I'll love fully 

For the full

Because I was able to fall in love with me


Much love,