Third Place

You make me feel like I'm constantly 

coming in third place

Like we're tethered just enough

to not get


But we're not the knot to the pole 

Or the hand to the ball

We're not unstoppable together

We're just


You make me feel like I'm constantly

in third place

Like the time is rarely there, but it's almost

always just right

Like you could've said more, but at least

you said something

Like poetry un-announced that no one

Was around to snap for

Like the third, I told you so

Like the sock you couldn't match, but truly

searched for 

Like the meal you almost made for yourself,

just yesterday

Like the movie you missed

and so  

you saw another

Like the penny that you found,

but it had been on tails

so you didn't grab it up

Like the sweet snack,

You really wanted, but allowed to become stale

Like the person

that you just couldn't

make your mind up about


Between us forever,

is bronze

To me,

I am golden 

Though I've never aspired to be -

a trophy, on any shelving 


Much love,