Why Seamingly Exists


Seamingly is and will always be, “intentionally personal.” That’s where it started. I was surprised to look into blogging and find few bloggers that were saying anything original. I realize it’s cliche to say that, but it’s true. They all had the same feelings about their things and the way that things interacted in their life. I understood the way that they wrote about their feelings and I enjoyed their use of their personality in marketing, but what I did not enjoy is that their feelings were being put with items to sell them. Separate from this I was also following a photographer, one that I’d been following for a long time. She was just starting out as a blogger and wrote with her feelings about things, which turned slowly into her feelings about her experiences. I was astounded by our likeness in thought and in voice even though I had been a fan of her photography, and even though we had been attracted to the same careers. You can have a lot in common with someone and a little, for myself and the other bloggers that I first described, we shared a little, with this blogger, I shared a lot, but more so than I really had intended to. Her ability to share her story spoke to my story. I was at a breaking point when reading her tragic experiences resonated so deep that I was changed forever by it. I couldn’t see that I had been trapped in patterns of abuse and self-destruction. The same time that I was reading her posts and realizing I was trapped in this bad place emotionally I was being told by a friend at work that she could see, I was not okay. No one had ever stopped me on my path to tell me they saw that I needed to provide myself with care. That struck me hard. The blogger was writing about things I needed to see in myself and another woman was willing to tell me directly that how I was, resonated with who she had once been and she needed me to see that. I am so grateful for those women and since then I have been lucky enough to meet many more that express their vulnerability for the sake of others. They are why and how I learned that speaking up should be, intentionally personal. I believe that we all have something to say and that we need to keep saying it exactly how it is and refuse to be unheard, misunderstood, and pushed aside. Life’s journey is consistently, inconsistent and what we can’t work out now, we will work out later if we continue to try, so as we speak up about our own experiences we will continue to share them here and figure out how it is we need to grow. You can grow with us here because we are committed to being intentionally personal.

Much love,