I Try

I put steps in place

and then

I set myself

in motion.


I began,

planting a foot

in each placed step

before I understood the distance,

before I understood the time,

without knowing what my view would be,

I started.


A problem I have presented, 

to myself, in the past,

in the wake of a new dream, includes -

how vividly I remember the big picture,

the unforgettable scene.

And also, how I fail to remember -

the tiny details of passing time. 

Dreams have fooled me and I have thought -

I experienced them in waking life.

I have fooled myself and thought - that dreams

could never be experienced in waking life.


For big, shiny, fluttery dreams don't appear

in one piece of this world -

they appear as pieces, picked up

while taking soft, thoughtful steps

across time.


So now I take them,

with little heed,

with little speed, 

with little grace.

I take steps.

I try.


Much love,


 Photography by  Kristen M. Bryant

Photography by Kristen M. Bryant