Where Am I?

Church photo.JPG

So uncomfortable, so out of place.

     I've been here forever.

          I was raised here.

This is supposed to be my home.      I was told it was.

But something's not right.

You sing the songs, but do the opposite.

Isn't hypocrisy wrong?

So confused, so naive, you believe your intentions are right, but you're ruining my future.

Your words are out of context from the source you declare.

If this is what it takes to be accepted, I will gladly be a black sheep.

You consistently beg for others to join, but shun those who do not quite match your standards. But you love everyone right?

"Sit up straight and stand your ground, you're supposed to be different. But not too different, stay away from those who are too different. Don't read that, don't listen to this."

How will I ever achieve the perfection that you require? I wasn't meant to.

How will I ever become who I truly am, if I’m trying to be your clone?

So alone, so lost. I don't feel safe anymore.

Aren't you supposed to feel safe at home? I'm stuck.

Stuck in your manipulations, and your constant entitlement over my life. After so many years, I've got it. I finally realize, I don't fit in.

        And I don't fit in, because I don't belong.

                           Not anymore.

We don't believe the same.

We speak two different languages.

     You spit compassion, but display hatred.

I want no part.

I desire to love those who have nothing in common with you.

The ones who stand for courage and true love.

I've found a different home.

One that judges people by their character, not by who they were born to be.

  You had me for a while, but your time is up. I broke away.

I've never been so free.




Love Always,


Tiffany PinsonComment