Photo by Tiffany Pinson

Photo by Tiffany Pinson

Have you ever thought about how noncommittal the clouds are? They swoop in wherever and whenever they want, and leave when they please. The reason why I judge the clouds is also the same reason why I envy them. Their ability to come into an unknown place and express what they hold inside of them and then just vanish leaves me perplexed. With little effort, and a lack of control that benefits them to no end, in a matter of minutes they tell all of us down here just what talents they possess. When they’re finished, they evaporate with no care of the consequences they left behind. I long to be like the clouds. Fearless of the talents within me, and the personality that has been shaped by everything I’ve experienced in life thus far. No shame, no worry, just an undying capacity to show the world who I really am, and then leave the consequences behind. Oh to leave the same kind of impact that the clouds do.



Love Always,


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