What Ifs

What If's Pic.JPG

Truth is, if I could gather up all of my what ifs,                                                                 

I would have the most beautiful garden.

I could plant them and let them grow into flowers,  

bloom into regrets that I shouldn’t have.

Because every decision that I’ve made up to this point has been guided by my experiences;   

my heart.

I’m tired of doubting myself.

I will plant my what ifs and let them be buried underneath the soil,

while they produce the beauty of my confidence in where life has taken me

and the decisions I have made.

Every choice that has come from following my heart and my intuition

will be the colors and the pedals that will reach toward the sky;

stretch for the moon.

They will continue to multiply as I approach my destiny:

tulips of questionable choices, 

roses of my best decisions,

and daisies for every turn I decided to create along my way.

Epic oak trees of my morals and ethics will line and protect the garden;

roots that will guard every stem and every pedal that has grown thus far.

The thoughts of regret will be weeded out as remedy bulbs are planted.

I will continue planting forever, my garden never full.

Love Always,


Tiffany PinsonComment