Where Do I Begin?


Do you ever think about where you've been? The other day I found myself giving me a lecture while fixing a cup of coffee. Negative thoughts began to creep into my mind. Hateful words that all seemed to have a theme of shame. I began to scold myself on the goals that I have not yet completed, and the dreams that didn't quite work out. Then, thankfully, a wonderful thought came to my mind that saved me from it all. A subtle whisper said, "Think about where you've been." Now that was a statement that I welcomed with open arms. I began to shift my focus on the areas in life where I had been successful, and the dreams that I was still on pace with achieving. Here's the rest of that revelation: 

Some dreams aren't meant for me. Disclaimer: You should always, always chase your dreams. If there's something you want out of life, go get it. However, on another note, it's okay to realize that some dreams or thoughts that hope to be dreams, just don't fit you. It could be because there is another dream that fits better into your big picture, that's not cohesive with the one in question. It could also be that the general lifestyle you wish for yourself doesn't cohere with a dream that you had in mind.

I must focus on what I have accomplished. This is your fuel. I am so quick to judge myself, and so hesitant to give myself a pat on the back. We must remember all of the obstacles that we have found a way around; all of the mountains we've managed to climb. Give yourself constructive criticism, but never lose sight of what you've achieved. 

Remember what didn't work out. Diving further into why some dreams aren't meant for me, it's important to analyze and categorize those goals that didn't quite fit right. I had some pretty amazing history teachers in the past, who were always sure to tell us that studying history is important so that we don't repeat past mistakes, and also so that we can see what parts were successful in order to intentionally repeat those.

Make sure your dream is just that, your dream. I've been guilty of imagining a life for myself that someone else wanted for me. Don't get me wrong, parents and grandparents and others who love you mean well when they tell you what they want you to do with your life, but it's not going to make you happy if it's someone else's vision that you're following. Only you have to be present in your life 24/7, so make sure the dream you're chasing fits the bill. Also, just because someone else has had success with what they want out of their life doesn't mean that their goals are meant for you to follow. Yes, you will meet others who are on a similar path to the dream you wish to achieve, but there's no one size fits all. Admire others and their achievements, learn from their grind and tenacity, but listen to yourself. 


Last thoughts: Just always make sure to dream. After all, dreams are the blueprints to achieving your goals.


Love Always,

Tiffany PinsonComment